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 (pə-zō′lā, -sō′-) or po·zo·le (-zō′-)
1. Kernels of corn that have been soaked in limewater, hulled, and dried.
2. A stew or soup made with posole, pork, chili, and other seasonings.

[American Spanish pozole, from Nahuatl pozolli.]


1. (Cookery) Mexican cookery a Central American stew consisting of hominy, meat, chilli, and other seasonings
2. (Cookery) a drink consisting of maize and water
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Vegetarian cooking for beginners; meal includes Chicken Pineapple Gravy Over Rice; TVP Taco Meat; and posole, a flavorful Mexican soup.
A state district judge dismissed charges against Jonathan Carlos Ray, who was charged in 2015 for the theft of his mother's posole.
Skinny Soups: 80 Flavor-Packed Recipes of Less Than 300 Calories will appeal to anyone who wants to eat hearty yet less fattening soups, and comes packed with recipes that use a range of different ingredients and approaches, from a Chilled Rhubarb Soup or a Turmeric and Lemongrass Shellfish Bisque to Mushroom Soup with a Kick (cloves, thyme, rosemary, chile) or a spicy Mexican Posole soup.
RANCHO de CHIMAYO CARNE ADOVADA SERVES 6 TO 8 (8 CUPS) / 5 HOURS, PLUS OVERNIGHT TO CHIU The restaurant serves this dish with long-simmered posole corn, stewed pinto beans, and a bit of shredded lettuce and tomato for color.
So for Day 3, I prepare white bean poblano posole for the woman who made me so many home-cooked meals.
The recipes are outstanding, beginning with iconic Braised Lamb Shanks with Mint Gremolata and classic Wine-Braised Beef Short Ribs, then on to Hot and Sour Braised Duck Legs, Osso Buco, a quartet of braised veggies and a marvelous Mexican Pork and Hominy Posole.
Englebrecht was an active member of the Posole gang.
Y es el caso que Lersundi sobre la mesa encontrose de su acostumbrada cena los residuos en desorden: envueltos halla entre estiercol los bizcochos y alfajores, y por el suelo vertida la jicara del posole.
Just as traditional but far easier to prepare is posole, the savory and hearty, rather soupy stew made from dried large white corn kernels simmered for hours.
Later, we walk across the street to my grandma's house, where she makes the best posole [a thick soup common in the Southwest and Mexico].
I grew up in New Mexico so my Christmas experience with friends often consisted of homemade tamales, posole with red chile, green chile stew and biscochitos.
Visitors of all ages can explore the stories and skills of tug and barge workers, learn about the real-life world of today's Chesapeake Native Americans, discover the connections between Mexican posole and Patapsco hominy, and learn how to make their own tortillas, among other activities.