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 (pə-zō′lā, -sō′-) or po·zo·le (-zō′-)
1. Kernels of corn that have been soaked in limewater, hulled, and dried.
2. A stew or soup made with posole, pork, chili, and other seasonings.

[American Spanish pozole, from Nahuatl pozolli.]


1. (Cookery) Mexican cookery a Central American stew consisting of hominy, meat, chilli, and other seasonings
2. (Cookery) a drink consisting of maize and water
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LC Aniedra Nichols, El-way's Cherry Creek, Denver CRAB POSOLE SALAD SERVES 2 AS A MAIN COURSE, 4 AS A FIRST COURSE / 20 MINUTES The ocean flavor of Dungeness meets earthy hominy in this twist on the Mexican soup calledposole.
Englebrecht was an active member of the Posole gang.
The second course will consist of Charred Octopus Posole - Hominy with Gigante Beans and Guajillo Broth.
Just as traditional but far easier to prepare is posole, the savory and hearty, rather soupy stew made from dried large white corn kernels simmered for hours.
Later, we walk across the street to my grandma's house, where she makes the best posole [a thick soup common in the Southwest and Mexico].
Visitors of all ages can explore the stories and skills of tug and barge workers, learn about the real-life world of today's Chesapeake Native Americans, discover the connections between Mexican posole and Patapsco hominy, and learn how to make their own tortillas, among other activities.
There was as much a likelihood of eating sopa de lima, sopa de fideos or posole as that of getting chicken and dumplings, cream of chicken soup or chicken noodle.
Produce donated by area farmers will go into minestrone and posole soups, which will be served by local leaders.
In our case I'd say it was food that saved us, united us: posole, pancit, arroz con gandules, empanadas, recipes from a continent or an ocean away, prepared by women and men whose faith includes a bedrock belief that no one should ever leave hungry.
It's the day, if you're willing, to don your sombrero, to step courageously into your green tamale shoes, into your most unpoker posole face, if you allow yourself, to sink deeply into your jalapeno heart, to believe the ones you've loved and lost are with you, having awakened, at death, from a dream; it's a day, if your mother loved cabbage, to fix her a steaming plate of halushki, the green head shredded fine, sauteed in butter, dusted with pepper and salt, to remember how she loved the polka.
Try a few spoonfuls on top of posole (hominy soup) or with roasted potatoes.