post exchange

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Post Exchange

Abbr. PX
A service mark used for a store on a military base that sells goods to military personnel and their families or to authorized civilians.

post exchange

(Military) US a government-subsidized shop operated mainly for military personnel. Abbreviation: PX

post′ exchange`

a retail store on a military post.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: exchange - a commissary on a United States Army postpost exchange - a commissary on a United States Army post
commissary - a retail store that sells equipment and provisions (usually to military personnel)
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1 The United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) wishes to engage a business entity to establish, maintain and operate a duty/tax-free Post Exchange (PX) facility to provide the services and sale of reasonably-priced merchandise to authorized UNMIL personnel, UN Agencies, and the Diplomatic Community deployed in in Liberia.
nuphorIQ's understanding of the hospitality industry paired with their expertise in social media made them a perfect extension of our team," said Rick Leigh, President, Post Exchange Catering.
Today, base and post exchanges in-theater carry everything from DVD players to laptop computers.
Seventy-two-year-old Lena Haddix, a great-grandmother, has worked for the post exchange (PX) at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, for 27 years.
While on post, the officers visited the Fort Gordon Signal Museum and the Main Post Exchange.
military complex, complete with Post Exchange and a detention facility.
That test included time to go to the Internet cafe and take in the post exchange se that they would be ready to go when the ships sailed in.
His trip included visits to base housing, the post exchange, the Ridley Mission Control building, and the rocket lab.
These measurements are by service type, which would include the hospital, dental clinic, family assistance center, commissary, post exchange, and recreation services.
Each Post Exchange (PX) or Base Exchange (BX) sold items that servicemen or servicewomen needed or desired.
Tara Shepard and their three children, helped the ambassadors experience a training simulator, physical training, the post museum, a deployment homecoming, shopping at the post exchange and military-style haircuts.