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Post Exchange

Abbr. PX
A service mark used for a store on a military base that sells goods to military personnel and their families or to authorized civilians.

post exchange

(Military) US a government-subsidized shop operated mainly for military personnel. Abbreviation: PX

post′ exchange`

a retail store on a military post.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: exchange - a commissary on a United States Army postpost exchange - a commissary on a United States Army post
commissary - a retail store that sells equipment and provisions (usually to military personnel)
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In addition, base and post exchanges administered by the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) were able to efficiently reduce card code verifications (CCVs), conduct transactions and manage cash deposits.
On the surface, the story of the Army Post Exchanges (PXs) in World War II might seem an unimportant or, indeed, trivial side story of history.
The company distributes its products through mass merchandisers, chain drug stores, supermarkets, card and gift shops, department stores, military post exchanges, variety stores, and combo stores, as well as through its website Cardstore.
The government tried to save money by outsourcing American jobs and downsizing our military bases, including veterans' post exchanges.
It is paramount that claims offices forge effective relationships with their USARCS AAO, military treatment facilities (MTF), Directorates of Public Works, Criminal Investigation Division and military police offices, post exchanges, commissaries and other agencies involved in claims.
AAFES has jurisdiction over Army post exchanges and Air Force base exchanges.
The Army and Air Force Exchange Service and the Defense Commissary Agency are also planning to expand or build new post exchanges, shoppettes and commissaries.
military agencies for resale abroad through post exchanges are qualified export receipts; however, sales to the U.
A large chow hall feeds members of all four services, both enlisted and officers, who are stationed at Camp Arifjan, and three post exchanges provide just about any personal items that the Eightballers may need.
Miller of Creative Interiors said his kitchen RTA products have enjoyed keen interest at military post exchanges, as military housewives need functional, inexpensive furniture that can be used in impermanent living arrangements.
Today, base and post exchanges in-theater carry everything from DVD players to laptop computers.