post hole

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: hole - a hole dug in the ground to hold a fence post
hole - an opening deliberately made in or through something
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When a hand-held power auger failed to penetrate what state biologist Kiana Koenen characterized as "bony soil'' on the slight rise in an open field, Liam grabbed a long pry bar and DCR carpenter Paul Davis used a post hole digger to make the hole "the old-fashioned way.
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Somewhere I read about this guy using a post hole digger, and pouring corn into the hole for the pigs, so my hunting .
It was not every day that one gets to preach his story from the pulpit at Christ's Church Cathedral in Hamilton or get a PhD in post hole digging.
When the kids and I were digging post holes one year, my youngest daughter, Mariann, had the job of holding an umbrella over the person wielding the post hole digger so they didn't have the sun directly on them.
A solar clock on the other hand, can be placed at the most optimal location just by digging a 2' post hole.
With a post hole digger or auger, dig two 3-foot-4-inch deep holes and place the posts exactly 8 feet apart.
Use a post hole borer or hole spade to dig the hole, both of which can be hired.
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Bush-cutters, chippers, cement mixers, post hole borers, angle-grinders, saws and all the rest - I love them all
BU3 Ismael Rodriquez, of Construction Battalion Unit (CBU) 413, digs a fence post hole at Naval Station Pearl Harbor.
A figure skater caught her pick during a stroking session in a depression in the ice around the area of a goal post hole which resulted in a fractured hip requiring fusion Post holes left in the ice on the removal of hockey nets required special attention to ensure a smooth skating surface.