post hole

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: hole - a hole dug in the ground to hold a fence post
hole - an opening deliberately made in or through something
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FWhat you'll need: gloves; a crowbar; claw hammer; shovel; panel saw; rake; spirit level; post hole digger; some string; breaker; 2x 1 meter lengths of 50x100mm wood; watering can, or bucket; short piece of batten; a few bricks for propping up; tape measure; grinder.
specific photo portraits of IH machines, including a rotary cutter, post hole digger, manure spreader, bale grip, pallet fork and bale spear are included along with other helpful equipment.
Every homesteader needs a post hole digger at some point, but not all post hole diggers are created equal.
The new tools use the stem connections and will fit most any equipment that will support a rotation attachment such as a post hole auger attachment.
That made digging post holes much easier than digging with a shovel or a jabber-handled post hole digger.
When a hand-held power auger failed to penetrate what state biologist Kiana Koenen characterized as "bony soil'' on the slight rise in an open field, Liam grabbed a long pry bar and DCR carpenter Paul Davis used a post hole digger to make the hole "the old-fashioned way.
There are number of product comes under agriculture farm machines, these are namely Agricultural Plough, Laser Land Leveler, Soil Cultivator, Seed Drills, Rotary Tillers, Plough, Disc Harrows, Trailer, Mould Board Plough, Riggers, Spring Loaded Cultivators, Sub Soilers, Rigid Cultivators, Land Levelers, Double Coil Cultivator, Post Hole Digger, Rotary Slashers/Cutters, Spare Parts and many other products.
Innovative blacksmiths have been forging and fabricating specialized post hole digging devices for more than a century.
Somewhere I read about this guy using a post hole digger, and pouring corn into the hole for the pigs, so my hunting .
It was not every day that one gets to preach his story from the pulpit at Christ's Church Cathedral in Hamilton or get a PhD in post hole digging.