post meridiem

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post me·rid·i·em

adv. & adj. Abbr. PM also pm or pm
After noon. Used chiefly in the abbreviated form to specify the hour: 10:30 pm; a pm appointment. See Usage Note at PM.

[Latin post merīdiem : post, after + merīdiem, accusative of merīdiēs, midday.]

post meridiem

(ˈpəʊst məˈrɪdɪəm)
the full form of p.m.
[C17: Latin: after noon]


Chem. Symbol.


1. Past Master.
2. Paymaster.
3. Police Magistrate.
4. Postmaster.
5. post-mortem.
6. Prime Minister.
7. Provost Marshal.


or P.M.,

1. after noon.
2. the period between noon and midnight.
[< Latin post merīdiem]
usage: See a.m.

post meridiem

- The expansion of p.m., from Latin, meaning "after noon" (1647).
See also related terms for noon.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: meridiem - after noon
postmeridian - after noon meridiem - between noon and midnight; "let's meet at 8 P.M."
Latin - any dialect of the language of ancient Rome
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