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(poʊstˈfrɔɪ di ən)
1. a person, esp. a psychoanalyst, influenced by Sigmund Freud.
2. occurring after the influence of the theories of Sigmund Freud.
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But in the post-Freudian world, where understanding of the mysteries of the mind and the myriad causes of madness have widened and deepened, Orlando has enjoyed renewed success in opera houses, certainly since the Second World War.
But in the post-Freudian world where understanding of the mysteries of the mind and the myriad causes of madness have widened and His singing throughout was masterful, as was that of his fellow countertenor, Robin Blaze who played Orlando's rival, Medoro, who is Angelica's true love.
This mostly resonates with post-Freudian psychoanalysis, largely drawn from Jacques Lacan and Julia Kristeva's approaches.
He covers hunchbacked theology, post-Freudian psychoanalysis, and historical materialism; Benjamin's theses, Celan's realignments, trauma, and the Eichmann trial; Celan, Buchner, and the terrible voice of the meridian; Derrida, Celan, and the covenant of the word; Celan, Kafka, and the sound in the name; and Celan's poems for Eric.
Freud's own misgivings about the rationalizations of interpretation and the ever-receding limits of self-understanding thus joined a tide that would radically alter notions of personal identity in the post-Freudian period.
Although post-Freudian notions of anxiety assume the existence of an unconscious and assert that anxiousness is an internal, psychological problem, Murison reminds readers that in pre-Freudian terms, anxiety or "nervousness" was decidedly embodied.
He says: "You're reading about the psychological breakdown of murderers which is in a post-Freudian world and all sorts of analytical work has been done about them, and then you read Shakespeare, which is written centuries before any of this type of analysis, and it's all there.
Throughout the ensemble, as well as the series of verbal diagrams or "schemata" titled Kunstler sein--Uber die Methode, Dilemma der Vermittlung, 1979, Filiation (Being an Artist--On the Method, Dilemma of Communication, 1979, Filiation), 1979, the artist's knees appear in the bottom foreground of her drawings in a very literal metonym for subjectivity as it confronts the world of objects in a post-Freudian dialectic of autonomy and dissolution.
In an era when sentimental friendships between women could include displays of devotion that would embarrass post-Freudian heterosexual women, the line between sexual and asexual feminine bonding could be very thin.
LOS ANGELES, July 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Wade is an outlaw in the land of the free, a desperado of the great American Frontier -- a post-Darwinian, post-Freudian, post-Jungian, post-Einsteinian, post-Walt Disneyan, post-beat, post-hip, post-war, post-graduate, post-perspicuous persona non grata who is reconciled to spending his remaining days post-mortem in the sublime twilight of the impalpable underground, wrapped in cloistered communion among the lingering remains of gratefully dying flower children, all falling faintly through the universe .
Or how about the post-Freudian psychological age with their undercurrent of sexual anxiety, such as Delvaux's naked women, one gesturing in a third class compartment, another lounging over the buffer stops.
and, in an extension of the psychoanalytic underpinning of the second question, "What of Post-Freudian Psychoanalysis?
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