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Relating to a period or culture in which the feminism of the 1960s and 1970s is seen as largely irrelevant to the current situation, often because that movement is seen as having accomplished its social and political goals or because it is seen as discredited.

post-feminism n.


formal a way of thinking that develops, or reacts to or against previous feminist ideology
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These tensions and paradoxes of the neoliberal economy can be directly connected with the politics of post-feminism, which is regarded as disseminating a politics of contradiction, according to several feminist-and non-feminist-scholars and researchers (Banet-Weiser & Portwood-Stacer, 2012; Gorton, 2007; McRobbie, 2004; Moseley & Read, 2002; Roberts, 2007).
This post-feminism world is very confused because women see their sexuality as power but it's in a very macho way, aggressive and angry.
5] Invoking Alias as post-feminist television is risky, given that post-feminism as a concept is still largely undefined and unevenly accepted.
In a gesture of disavowal characteristic of post-feminism, Bieberstein declares at the outset that she does not wish to privilege a feminist perspective, but rather to use "a film-sociological approach which takes cinema as a mirror of a given society at a given place and time which reveals some aspects about the unconsciousness of a nation" (22).
I'm even more thankful to be living in an age that is post-feminism, when real men aren't afraid to brandish a feather duster or bake a cake.
Sirnmonds's borrowings and deviations from Far From The Madding Crowd are important in the articulation of post-feminism as a necessarily anachronistic space and experience.
North American contributors to 23 chapters re-frame the controversy-generating conversation with perspectives from fields including cultural studies, minority education, queer theory, and post-feminism.
To commemorate our journal's long-standing history in the profession, this special issue addresses how we continue to study literature in a new globalized era, in sync with interdisciplinary perspectives, post-modern theories of gender and cultural studies, feminism and post-feminism, or post-colonial theories that reformulate imperialism, culture formation, identity conflicts, and coloniality at large.
In this era of post-feminism I think we've helped to find what it is to be successful, smart and also feminine.
Modern Feminist Thought: From Second Wave to Post-Feminism, Washington Square: New York University Press.
The novel, she added, also deals with a number of topical themes - digitisation, post-feminism, literary criticism and, most importantly, a nation's memory and identity.
They situate the articles in their book within three areas of contention over the potential meaning of Postfeminist Gothic: Post-feminism, Gothic conventions, and then the Postfeminist Gothic.