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Relating to a period or culture in which the feminism of the 1960s and 1970s is seen as largely irrelevant to the current situation, often because that movement is seen as having accomplished its social and political goals or because it is seen as discredited.

post-feminism n.


Arising out of feminism and developing feminist ideas further.
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While the Prez had his own share, the First Lady was a new ray of hope for women in walks of life - fashionistas, black women, working women, working mothers, stay-at-home mothers, feminists, post-feminists.
These essays should be required reading for feminists and post-feminists alike.
Here we have something for the Me Generation of post-feminists to consider.
So do post-feminists "courageous" enough to accuse their sisters of hating men.
But the insistence that women who traded sex for other types of favors were really victims put off a generation of younger post-feminists who couldn't reconcile the sex-as-rape paradigm with their own lusty manipulation of befuddled menfolk.
She has been placed in the ranks of feminists, anti-feminists, and post-feminists.

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