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On the 9th of November, 1867, the old man died; at least his dead body was discovered on the 10th, and physicians testified that death had occurred about twenty-four hours previously--precisely how, they were unable to say; for the post-mortem examination showed every organ to be absolutely healthy, with no indication of disorder or violence.
Another inquest was held: another post-mortem examination failed to reveal a probable cause of death.
The medical man who examined him, being informed of this circumstance, considered the post-mortem appearances as being perfectly compatible with murder by smothering--that is to say, with murder committed by some person, or persons, pressing the pillow over the nose and mouth of the deceased, until death resulted from congestion of the lungs.
A lawyer is no better than an old woman at a post-mortem examination.
You are aware, I suppose, that it is not the coroner's business to conduct the post-mortem, but only to take the evidence of the medical witness?
The doctor being called, described a personal peculiarity, which he had noticed at the post-mortem examination, and which might lead to the identification of the murdered man.
The post-mortem examination disclosed nothing; every organ was normal and sound.
Tomorrow I want you to bring me, before night, a set of post-mortem knives.
And if there is no necessity for a post-mortem and nothing to gain by it, no good to her, to us, to science, to human knowledge, why do it?
Birrell, who had made the post-mortem examination of the deceased.
No: he can set any post-mortem examination at defiance.
The surgeon who had performed the post-mortem examination followed.