postal clerk

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Noun1.postal clerk - a clerk in a post officepostal clerk - a clerk in a post office    
clerk - an employee who performs clerical work (e.g., keeps records or accounts)
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Who doesn't have a tale to tell of postal clerk woe?
Fleet and Industrial Supply Center (FISC) Yokosuka recently concluded its first weeklong specialized training program and introduced postal clerks (PCs) to fundamental storekeeper (SK) knowledge in advance of the upcoming merger into the new logistics specialist (LS) rate.
Postal clerks may not be considered a front-fine defensive lob in the Navy, but without lames, and many others civilian postal, workers like her.
The son of a postal clerk worked as an acrobat, refrigerator repair man and a salesman before taking up acting.
Austin Bellamy, a postal clerk from Los Angeles won a very satisfying $60,000.
Janulewicz was a United States Postal Clerk retiring in 1986.
The logistics specialist occupational specialty was created as a result of combining the Navy's storekeeper and postal clerk specialties.
As for the stamps, while there are 59-cent stamps available, they can only be purchased from a postal clerk, not at the self-service kiosks.
Gladys graduated from Fairfax High School in 1936 and worked as a postal clerk for four years, a switchboard operator for two years and a volunteer at Valley Presbyterian Hospital for 25 years.
Collectors often buy specially printed envelopes with a design on the left-hand third of the front called a "cachet," apply stamps and have a postal clerk apply the special postmark.
From the "Aces High" round, Georgia Lopez, a postal clerk from Whittier won the right to spin the wheel.
She later worked 30 years as a postal clerk for the U.