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These, and Official First Day Covers (stamps on a card or envelope marked as postally serviced), will be available at the Post Shop, Philately and Museum Division, Manila Central Post Office, Door 203,
Seltzer's compelling argument considers the kinds of "media logics" that letters and novels share: "to speak of postally sponsored love is to speak of media logics of intimacy and subjectivity: in effect, the technical protocols of interiority" (197).
I have only ever voted postally once - when I was on holiday.
Anybody with interesting information on the history of the club can get in touch postally c/o Pule Side WMC, Old Mount Road, Marsden, or email John Carter on john@ hcmoore.
Those fortunate enough to possess a pre-1894 postally used card have been cautious about claiming "the world's first postcard" and instead coined the description "forerunner of the postcard".
Glamorgan might no longer exist politically or postally but it certainly does historically.