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Located behind an axis of the body, as the lateral aspect of the lower leg or the medial aspect of the upper arm.

post·ax′i·al·ly adv.


1. (Anatomy) situated or occurring behind the axis of the body
2. (Anatomy) of or relating to the posterior part of a vertebrate limb


(poʊstˈæk si əl)

pertaining to or situated behind an axis of the body, esp. the posterior side of the axis of a limb.
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The affiliation of this specimen to Colpocoryphe bohemica is, in comparison with the previous sample, more reliable because the pygidium has 7-8 rings and a distinct postaxial elevation reaching the pygidial margin.
Areas with higher concentration of SHH developed into posterior or postaxial structures, whereas lower concentrations developed into more anterior or preaxial structures.
Pallister--Hall syndrome shares with GCPS the key features of postaxial Polydactyly and developmental delay but does not include hypertelorism or macrocephaly (2).
Harry's condition - postaxial polydactyly - would need a six-hour op to fix.
A new locus for postaxial polydactyly type A/B on chromosome 7q21-q34.
Malformations associated with valproic acid include heart defects, spina bifida, multicystic dysplastic kidney, postaxial polydactyly type B, inguinal hernia, and penile hypospadias.
The hypothesis is developed primarily to resolve epistemic questions occasioned by phenomenological, not theological, reflections on the soteriocentric character of postaxial religions.
tapered rearwards, nearly reaching the border furrow, and 79-84% of the pygidial length and 49-52% of the pygidial width anteriorly; its posterior part rapidly slopes down to the postaxial region.