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Then bulk orders were placed by issuing postdated cheques.
In the complained maladministration was alleged on the part of FBR, Islamabad for delay in grant of registration status, as manufacturer and Model Customs Collectorate, Appraisement (MCC (A), Lahore for not returning postdated cheques deposited as security for sales tax in terms of condition (i) of Sales Tax Notification No.
Already reeling under financial crunch, the Vijay Mallyaowned airline's postdated cheque, of ` 30 crore, paid to the Mumbai International Airport Limited, had bounced.
He said the dishonesty involved making postdated claims and others for work that had not been done.
They are also letting shoppers cash postdated cheques at their 2,220 food shops from Friday.
The loan fee was $140, and the Stokers wrote a postdated check for $840.
The teacher holds a parent meeting at the beginning of the year and collects postdated checks from each family.