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 (pōst-dŏk′tər-əl) also post·doc·tor·ate (-ĭt)
Of, relating to, or engaged in academic study beyond the level of a doctoral degree.


(pəʊstˈdɒktərəl) or


(Education) of, relating to, or designating studies, research, or professional work above the level of a doctorate


(poʊstˈdɒk tər əl)

of or pertaining to study or professional work undertaken after receiving a doctorate.
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Noun1.postdoctoral - a grant that funds postdoctoral study or research
grant-in-aid - a grant to a person or school for some educational project
Adj.1.postdoctoral - of or relating to study or research that is done after work for the doctoral degree has been completed
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Fitzharris, fresh from finishing her postdoctorate, was financially dependent on him.
NYT HONG KONG Soren Schwertfeger finished his postdoctorate research on autonomous robots in Germany and seemed set to continue his work in Europe or the United States, where artificial intelligence was pioneered and established.
His office has child psychologists with a PhD and postdoctorate fellowships working with children, but other possibilities include social workers, licensed counselors, psychiatric nurse practitioners, or psychiatrists.
and Engineering (CSE) Postdoctorate Wei Hu of UC San Diego, Computer Science
From 2000 to 2001, he was a postdoctorate at the Department of Computer Sciences and security center CERIAS, Purdue University.
Number of "Science without Borders" Students per Country in 2013 Country Full PhD Split PhD Postdoctorate United States 118 1,183 799 Portugal 129 314 136 France 97 445 266 Spain 49 374 193 Canada 53 265 141 United Kingdom 158 277 300 Germany 94 258 178 Australia 30 108 65 Italy 22 120 58 Holland 33 102 70 Country Undergraduate Total United States 2,927 5,027 Portugal 2,356 2,935 France 1,884 2,692 Spain 1,848 2,464 Canada 1,686 2,145 United Kingdom 1,204 1,939 Germany 1,223 1,753 Australia 681 884 Italy 479 679 Holland 432 637 Note.
OMEGA]) Postdoctorate from the School of Economics, Administration and Accounting of the University of Sao Paulo
Jorge Barron Corvera holds Master's and Doctoral degrees in Violin Performance from the University of Texas at Austin, and completed a one-year postdoctorate visiting scholar residency at Yale University.
In 2012, he completed his postdoctorate in Outer Space also at Cornell.
in education from Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, California, and is now in a postdoctorate position at University of California, Los Angeles.
She has since moved to Christchurch, New Zealand, where she is doing a postdoctorate at Lincoln University investigating the notion of 're-humanising sustainability' and working part-time at the Canterbury Refugee Council.