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Following the embryonic stage of development.


(ˌpəʊstˌɛmbrɪˈɒnɪk) or


(Biology) biology happening after the embryonic stage
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2010) Arabidopsis tyrosylprotein sulfotransferase acts in the auxin/PLETHORA pathway in regulating postembryonic maintenance of the root stem cell niche.
It should be noted, however, that developmental deformities of this kind are extremely rare and usually lead to death of the affected individual in the early stages of postembryonic development.
Natural history of Phoneutria boliviensis (Araneae: Ctenidae): habitats, reproductive behavior, postembryonic devolopment and prey-wrapping.
Normal table of postembryonic zebrafish development: staging by externally visible anatomy of the living fish.
Another related question is how spider eyes are focused during postembryonic development.
The bactericidal agenttriclosan modulates thyroid hormone-associated gene expression and disrupts postembryonic anuran development.
Nevertheless, this interpretation will need to be confirmed with evidence from studies of postembryonic development.
Season-dependent postembryonic maturation of the diurnal rhythm of melatonin biosynthesis in the chicken pineal gland.
Postembryonic ontogeny of the spadefoot toad, Scaphiopus intermontanus (Anura: Pelobatidae): External morphology.
Arabidopsis cyp51 mutant shows postembryonic seedling lethality associated with lack of membrane integrity.