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 (pŏ-stîr′ē-ər, pō-)
1. Located behind a part or toward the rear of a structure.
2. Relating to the caudal end of the body in quadrupeds or the back of the body in humans and other primates.
3. Botany Next to or facing the main stem or axis.
4. Coming after in order; following.
5. Following in time; subsequent.
The buttocks.

[Latin, comparative of posterus, coming after, from post, afterward; see apo- in Indo-European roots.]

pos·te′ri·or·ly adv.
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That ridge has 1-2 larger spines in its anteriormost end; on the medial part, it is seemingly covered by a branch proceeding arch-like posteriorly up to the end of the platelet.
He explained that "The FLXfit, thanks to its articulated design, small profile and unique expansion mechanism, enables me to deliver a large implant posteriorly through a small and single TLIF port, something I haven't been able to do until now.
This left a large cavity with the lamina papyracea laterally (figure, C), the nasal septum medially (figure, C), the anterior face of the sphenoid sinus and the sphenoid ostium posteriorly (figure, D and E), and the roof of the ethmoid and skull base superiorly (figure, F).
The amount of muscle released (5 mm to 10 mm) depends on the size of the osteophytes and degree of difficulty accessing the capsule posteriorly for release.
Dorsal interior with transverse socket ridges almost parallel to the hinge line, slit-like sockets facing posteriorly and a short dorsal median ridge about one-fifth as long as the valve.
Body length relatively large, up to 4 24 mm; elytral dorsal band posteriorly joined with humeral band, or ended rather close to it 3'.
Cystoscopy noted a large, irregular, pedunculated mass in the midline of the bladder, starting at the trigone posteriorly, extending back to the posterior wall of the bladder.
Colour in life of males: body yellow shading yellow white on abdomen; 5 irregular red orange bands; dorsal fin yellow, spinous portion, dusky spots on outer part, black on the first membrane, a central lavender band becoming black toward soft rays, soft portion with a black central band abruptly translucent posteriorly, anal fin yellow, soft portion with a broad lavender black central band becoming narrower on the spinous part.
The mesh was fixed to the uterus laterally through the utero- sacral ligaments and posteriorly on to the sacrum bone, thus restoring the anatomical support of the uterus and restoration of normal bladder reflux," the doctor said, adding that sometimes, the uterine support structures become weak due to repeated deliveries.
At each segmental level of the lumbar spine, there are three joints: an intervertebral disc joint located anteriorly, and paired left and right facet joints located posteriorly.
Carapace: Longer than wide; anteriorly obtuse, narrower in eye region, posteriorly with slight declivity (Fig.
In ACL-deficient knees, the lateral condyle was positioned posteriorly from extension to 120[degrees].