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With great speed; rapidly.
n. Archaic
Great speed; rapidity.

[From the phrase haste, post, haste, a direction on letters.]


with great haste; as fast as possible
archaic great haste



1. with the greatest possible speed or promptness.
2. Archaic. great haste.
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بأقْصى سُرْعَه


[ˌpəʊstˈheɪst] advin gran fretta


(pəust) noun
(the system of collecting, transporting and delivering) letters, parcels etc. I sent the book by post; Has the post arrived yet?; Is there any post for me?
to send (a letter etc) by post. He posted the parcel yesterday.
ˈpostage (-tidʒ) noun
(the money paid for) the sending of a letter etc by post. The postage was $1.20.
ˈpostal adjective
of, or concerning, the system of sending letters etc. the postal service.
postage stamp
a small printed label fixed to a letter, parcel etc to show that postage has been paid.
postal order
a printed document bought at a post office, which can be exchanged at another post office for the amount of money paid for it.
postbox (ˈpəusboks) noun
(also ˈletterbox, ~ˈmailbox, ~pillar box) a box into which letters etc are put to be collected (and sent to their destination).
postcard (ˈpəuskaːd) noun
a card on which a message may be sent by post, often with a picture on one side (a picture postcard). She sent me a postcard of the Taj Mahal when she was in India.
postcode (ˈpəuskoud) noun
(American zip code) a set of letters and numbers added to the address on a letter to make delivery easier.
ˌpost-ˈfree adjective, adverb
without charge for sending by post. You can send it post-free.
ˌpost(-)ˈhaste adverb
very quickly. He travelled post(-)haste to London.
postman (ˈpəusmən) noun
(American ˈmailman) a person whose job is to (collect and) deliver letters etc. Has the postman been this morning yet?
postmark (ˈpəusmaːk) noun
a mark put on a letter at a post office, showing the date and place of posting, and cancelling the postage stamp. The postmark read `Beirut'.
postmaster (ˈpəusmaːstə) feminine postmistress (ˈpəusmistris) noun
the manager of a post office.
post office
an office for receiving and dispatching letters, parcels etc. Where is the nearest post office?
References in classic literature ?
One after another, several American enthusiasts rushed posthaste to Europe, with dreams of eager nations clamoring for telephone systems, and one after another they failed.
Concepcion had earlier posted a teaser and Cuneta responded posthaste, feigning cluelessness in Spanish!
August 23, 2017) Opponents of gun rights are now using the horror and stupidity of the Charlottesville protests to declare open carry of firearms a "loophole," which of course must be closed posthaste.
While it must be admitted that Guoga made highly indiscreet remarks--for example, that party leaders take lie detector tests, that its executive secretary be replaced, that the party's books be audited --Steponavicius' call for the party to toss Guoga out of the party posthaste seemed excessive.
For instance, the use of farm machines can enable farmers to harvest their crops posthaste during emergencies such as impending typhoons.
Berlin, SANA -- German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Monday called for reaching a solution to the crisis in Syria posthaste.
I bet the insurance company that covers the exercise facility would put an end to anyone chewing gum posthaste.
Joking aside, we would urge the Royal Mail to think of their customers and either announce that these branches are closing permanently or, better still, get them up and running again - posthaste.
We thus join others in petitioning Chairperson of Tajikistan's State Committee for National Security to release Sodikov posthaste.
I would extend an invitation to Mr Dixon, provide an acceptable alternative policy suggestion and I assure him I will forward same posthaste to Conservative Central Office.
The story is long and convoluted, as befits a case that results in such damages, but it boiled down to this: A bank owner named Jack Stutevilie, who was the city director designated as mayor of Kingfisher, encouraged contractor Poindexter to call Standridge in order to secure a hurry-up performance bond on the project, which the city manager wanted started posthaste.