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Of, relating to, or taking place in the afternoon.


after noon; in the afternoon or evening
[C17: from Latin postmerīdiānus in the afternoon; see post-, meridian]


(ˌpoʊst məˈrɪd i ən)

1. of or pertaining to the afternoon.
2. occurring after noon.
[1620–30; < Latin]
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Adj.1.postmeridian - after noon
antemeridian - before noon
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Apparently postmeridian he engages in his Bacchanalian lifestyle.
8) Brian Melbancke's Philotimus: the War betwixt Nature and Fortune (1583), in its dedicatory epistle to the Catholic recusant, Phillip Howard, 20th Earl of Arundel, advises that the evening is the best time for reading his work; while allowing that the afternoon might also be used in pleasant activity, Melbancke reserves his apparently weak narrative for the weariest time in the reader's day: "The morning is meete for grauer studies, the postmeridian for pleasaunt solace, so that, PHILOTIMVS, which commeth limping at the latter end of the day, though he be no author for knowledge of importance; yet may some refection by reading his toies, lend recreation to your wearied Muses.
The first 12-hr period is often called antemeridian or AM and the second, postmeridian or PM, commonly known simply as morning and afternoon.