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The doctrine that Jesus's Second Coming will follow the millennium.

post′mil·len′ni·al·ist n.


(Theology) the doctrine or belief that the Second Coming of Christ will be preceded by the millennium
ˌpostmilˈlennialist n


(ˌpoʊst mɪˈlɛn i əˌlɪz əm)

the doctrine or belief that the second coming of Christ will follow the millennium.
post`mil•len′ni•al•ist, n.
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Hans-Lukas Kieser, a historian with expertise in both Ottoman history and Protestant theology, points out, "After 1918, there was no more missionary America in the sense of the century before; no more confidence and commitment for a postmillennialist mission, a Jesus-centered building up of modern institutions and civil society.
After some probing questions about whether I was a pretribulational premillennialist, a postmillennialist, or just an a millennialist, he popped the inevitable question: "Have you accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior?
68) He was a postmillennialist who saw the final millennium as a time when the church would be kept "toiling on earth," (69) and his Sermons on Deuteronomy include extensive exegesis of Deuteronomy's case laws.
The socialist-utopian postmillennialist (criticized by Murray Rothbard and other libertarians) uses civil government as the primary tool that forces people into moral patterns of behavior, with little recognition of the inherent problems of government force.
His early objections, indicated in the article, were to voluntary societies replacing the church in mission, and had nothing to do with his millennialist convictions, which were postmillennialist in any case, unlike the "radical Millerites", with whom he is paired (pp.
The Road to Holocaust is an excellent source for understanding the postmillennialist viewpoint regarding Jews because it is, basically, a defense against the postmillennialist Dominion Theology movement, which is patently antisemitic.
Moreover, he argued that the church is the incarnation of the Christ--Spirit on earth and is postmillennialist, that is, Christ has already come (Kerr, 1966).
As an ardent postmillennialist pietist, Ely was convinced that he was serving God and Christ as well.
Are you premillennialist, postmillennialist or amillennialist?
Camping is an amillennialist as opposed to a pre- or postmillennialist, since his scenario does not include a literal thousand-year golden age.
Should the reading be temporal: pre- or postmillennialist, or related to the present Church rather than to future expectation; or a-temporal and concentrated on the purely symbolic value of traditional eschatology?
Blake's strongest ties are not with the more refined, respectable, Augustan postmillennialist position which assumes that the kingdoms of this world will eventually be perfected through the gradual improvement of their institutions by an enlightened and committed faithful able largely to will that renovation.