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Adj.1.postmortal - occurring or done after death; "postmortem changes"; "a postmortem examination to determine cause of death"; "postmortal wounds"
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The CT is to be used for postmortal imaging in legal medicine.
La segunda parte, que lleva como titulo <<escatologia personal e inmediata tras la muerte>> conecta con las consideraciones anteriores acerca de la pervivencia postmortal.
Postmortal Hullbe-domning av Hull Hos Tamdjur och Vilda Djur (Postmoral Examination of Body Condition in Pet Animals and Wildlife).
Last year, in a related essay, "Skulls, Ancestors and the Meaning of Kelelungan," Oliver Venz wrote more generally on Benuaq eschatology, focusing in particular on the notion of kelelungan and the association of these postmortal spirits with the skulls of the dead.
The main indication for fetotomy in sheep and goat were fetuses with postmortal edema and emphysema (80.
LDS teaching describes each individual "self" as having experienced a now-forgotten premortal spiritual existence, followed by a mortal earthly life, and finally a postmortal spiritual reality.
Es la vida humana, segun su ultima constitucion motriz -tal y como lo quiere la antropologia cristiana -una busqueda siempre desconcertada de la glorificacion postmortal del propio Yo "en Dios"?
125) At the heart of Smith's institutions was a priesthood that Smith claimed he received from the postmortal apostles Peter, James, and John.
Gonzalez Echevarria reaches a conclusion similar to Shaw's: "The action of 'Journey Back to the Source' is framed by two voids, the prenatal and the postmortal, with the Carnival at the center" (150).
This brief excursion into the transegoic quality of names--in a sense stretching a person's existence into his ante- and postmortal life--may suffice to delineate the social significance of the sound-image of the self.
In addition, the presence of E coli DNA in our case, but not in several control cases buried nearby, merely excludes the possibility that postmortal spread of E coli may have occurred in those bodies.
Because in Sabbath's Theater, the love object's death does not serve as perverse sexual kick, nor does the woman's corpse suffer that notorious postmortal aestheticizing which once prompted Edgar Allan Poe to pronounce "the death.