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One described the results of a postmortem examination of the deceased lady, and the other stated the discoveries made after a chemical analysis of certain of the interior organs of her body.
Cavendish, I should like your consent to a postmortem.
RNA integrity is progressively degraded by endogenous nucleases as postmortem duration proceeds; however, recent studies of postmortem interval on RNA stability have shown RNA may be stable if the tissue samples have been handled appropriately.
Explaining what probably resulted in the TV legend's death, the postmortem said: "The most likely hypothesis is that being on the terrace, for some reason - loss of balance, stumble - she falls backwards, upturning the table she has near to her and hitting her head on the wall.
A team of three doctors will reach Badaun on Thursday and hold a meeting with the doctors who had conducted the first postmortem of the victims on the night of May 27.
Gupta headed the team of experts who conducted the postmortem on Pushkar's body and had alleged that he was pressured by top officials to show that Pushkar's death was 'natural'.
Mulawka presents this technical guide to postmortem fingerprinting and use of fingerprints in concert with other forensic and database resources to identify a dead person.
Police informed that after the postmortem report they will be able to know that how his assassination took place.
Media reports said that the final postmortem report would be ready within two days.
Her body was then brought for postmortem at the local government hospital.
A postmortem was undertaken which revealed the cause of death as drowning.
In bioarchaeology and in forensic work, there is a problem identifying perimortem from postmortem breaks in long bones.