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 (pōst-nŭp′shəl, -chəl)
Belonging to the period after marriage.

post·nup′tial·ly adv.


occurring or performed after marriage


(poʊstˈnʌp ʃəl, -tʃəl)

subsequent to marriage.
post•nup′tial•ly, adv.
pron: See nuptial.
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Adj.1.postnuptial - relating to events after a marriage
antenuptial, premarital, prenuptial - relating to events before a marriage; "prenuptial agreement"
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A postnuptial agreement is similar to a prenup, but created after a couple marries.
Frederick said that had he been properly informed of the antenuptial agreements deficiencies in 2007, he would have moved to protect his assets for instance, by asking Gatliff to sign a postnuptial agreement, divorcing her if she didnt, or suing Wallerich earlier.
Our work often involves family trusts, complex and cross-border business structures, pre-nuptial and postnuptial agreements, inherited wealth, pensions and disputes concerning children," says Diane.
However, she withdrew her petition three weeks later, after the anchor reportedly offered her a postnuptial agreement and more money.
Vogelsang also represents clients needing prenuptial and postnuptial agreements and handles international and interstate child custody disputes.
In these circumstances we advise business owners to make it a condition of receiving the share-holding that they enter into a prenuptial agreement if they are not yet married or a postnuptial agreement where they are already married to ensure that the shareholding is ringfenced.
One way to understand these concerns is to examine courts' existing suspicion of postnuptial agreements, which itself parallels courts' skepticism of settlement (311) and prenuptial agreements.
The cool, eco-friendly brand launched its AW16 bridal collection offering "second wedding dresses for postnuptial partying".
As stated, there must be disclosures between the spouses entering into the agreement that would be sufficient to support a postnuptial agreement and are similar to those disclosures required in chapter 55-16.
In 1956, a report in the Upper Hutt Leader, which described a Chinese wedding in Hastings as an "exotic and colourful spectacle" of "New Zealand-wide interest," included a detailed account of the postnuptial tea ceremony and the female guests' sartorial choices ("Chinese Wedding"; "European").
One could be that they entered into a valid prenuptial or postnuptial agreement in which they opted out of the community property system.
Numbers of Squacco Herons peaked in June and July due to postnuptial dispersion.