postpartum psychosis

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post·par·tum psy·cho·sis

n. psicosis del posparto.
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This Christmas, EastEnders viewers will see character Stacey Branning, played by Lacey Turner, give birth then battle her own experience of this condition - postpartum psychosis.
The plot has been kept secret for months as soap bosses worked with mental health charities to understand postpartum psychosis, which can affect new mums.
When, 12 years ago, successful lawyer Melisandre Harris Dawes left her infant daughter in a locked car, she was acquitted of her death on the grounds of postpartum psychosis.
For approximately one to two in 1,000 women, the rapid onset of psychotic symptoms as seen in postpartum psychosis (PP) exacerbate this further (Kendall, 1987).
Knowing the signs, what to do and where to get help is imperative to getting through Postpartum Psychosis, which is a " More donations are still being accepted through their fund-raising site and they hope to give the charity the money at the end of the year.
Although among the most severe mental illnesses seen by medics, if treated promptly, postpartum psychosis has one of the best prognoses.
The jury concluded that Yates had suffered from postpartum psychosis, a rare disorder with symptoms that include hallucinations and delusions.
Dr Sahju George, specialist psychologist at International Modern Hospital in Dubai, said most aACAybaby blues' cases can sometimes develop into postpartum psychosis where the mothers starts to hear voices and that could be dangerous for the child.
Conditions such as postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis are increasingly gaining attention since these conditions could even lead to hospitalisation.
Smith was suffering from postpartum psychosis, a severe form of mental illness that strikes about one in a thousand pregnant women, some like Mrs.
Up to five percent of mothers suffering from postpartum psychosis will commit suicide.
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