postpartum psychosis

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post·par·tum psy·cho·sis

n. psicosis del posparto.
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In some cases, a woman may develop postpartum psychosis, which is a much more dangerous condition when compared to postpartum depression.
This symptom calls for immediate intervention and sometimes can be a sign of postpartum psychosis.
They paid little attention to co-morbidities, did not respond to domestic violence or postpartum psychosis, and tended to normalize postpartum depression.
Such issues can include depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and postpartum psychosis.
But that's not to say that Stacey, who is nervously waiting for her first scan, isn't having reservations about getting postpartum psychosis again.
The postnatal depression and postpartum psychosis are the major psychiatric disorders that occur in the puerperium, which are coded in the two major classification systems in psychiatry i.
In contrast to the conditions described above, postpartum psychosis is a psychotic disorder--a severe mental condition that results in abnormal thinking and perceptions.
THIS year, a new mum's life was turned upside down when she suffered with postpartum psychosis.
Pregnant women with bipolar disorder have a significantly higher risk of developing postpartum psychosis than other mothers, researchers say.
The joy carried through her pregnancy, but when Sommer Skyy was born in the winter of 2001, the postpartum psychosis took over almost immediately.
This systematic critical review abridges the state of indigenous research on prevalence, symptomotology and treatment of Postnatal Affective Disorders (PAD) other than postpartum psychosis in Pakistan.
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