post-polio syndrome

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post-po·li·o syndrome

A condition affecting poliomyelitis patients several decades after the initial infection, characterized by fatigue, muscular deterioration, joint pain, and respiratory problems.
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GATESHEAD'S Millennium Bridge will turn green and blue as part of a drive to raise awareness of postpolio syndrome (PPS).
They believe that increasing number of people in USA, Canada, UK and other European countries have had polio in past and are mere developing a condition called PostPolio Syndrome (PPS).
Among the conditions addressed are laryngospasm, rheumatoid arthritis, schizophrenia, postpolio syndrome, tetanus, toxic caustic ingestion, Wallenberg syndrome, West Nile virus, Wilson disease, and Zenker diverticulum, among many others.
In addition, most polio survivors are at an age when cardiovascular disease becomes increasingly more likely even in the absence of postpolio syndrome.
Disability and functional assessment in former polio patients with and without postpolio syndrome.