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The stage in the production of a film or a television program, occurring after the action has been filmed or videotaped and typically involving editing and the addition of special effects.


a. the work on a film or a television programme, such as editing, dubbing, etc, that takes place after shooting or videotaping is completed
b. (as modifier): postproduction costs.


(ˌpoʊst prəˈdʌk ʃən)

the final phase of technical work, as editing or synchronizing of sound elements, that must be done before a film, tape, or recording can be released.


B. CPD [costs etc] → que sigue a la producción
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Sony Pictures Entertainment had maintained all along that pushing the release date of the movie back a year was not a sign of trouble, but that more time was needed for postproduction on the movie shot in Louisiana shortly before Hurricane Katrina hit.
Now in a fully updated and expanded second edition, Guide To Postproduction For TV And Film: Managing The Process continues to be a seminal work for aspiring film and television production producers and managers.
is a diversified entertainment company combining an award winning production company with a complete High Definition video postproduction services division (see http://www.
The work's inorganic forms make it vaguely futuristic, like a digital landscape, a stylized crystalline world, but they also evoke the rudimentary props and stage sets used by the film industry in lieu of special effects to be added in postproduction.
Turner's first directorial opportunity arrives compliments of the Seattle International Film Festival's Fly Filmmaking program, which saw three filmmakers from preproduction to postproduction over six days during the filmfest, which ran from May 24 to June 17.
After graduation, she worked as a receptionist at Progressive Image Group, a postproduction commercial company.
SHS reactions can yield solid products requiring little postproduction machining and generate less waste material than conventional furnace processes, which take hours or days.
com/research/qm8rsc/video) has announced the addition of the "Video Postproduction Services in the US" report to their offering.
Featuring a greatly expanded color gamut, higher contrast and superior color uniformity in comparison with standard digital cinema projectors, the DP4K-P is specifically designed to meet the exacting demands of the postproduction industry.
After a tortuous postproduction effort and several postponed premieres, earlier this year ``Gangs'' was scheduled to come out on Christmas Day - the same date as DiCaprio's other prestige, post-``Titanic'' offering.
I avoid all postproduction because I want to keep the clumsiness, insecurity, and ambiguity of the actual shooting.
Deluxe is committed to providing the highest-quality postproduction services for the content creation community," said Stefan Sonnenfeld, President, Deluxe Creative Services Group.