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The period after the end of a regular sports season, during which additional games or playoffs are held, especially to determine a champion.

post′sea′son adv. & adj.


(General Sporting Terms) of or relating to the period after the end of a regular sporting season
(General Sporting Terms) the period after the end of a regular sporting season: home run drought in the postseason.
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MLB also announced that two Division Series games in each of the 2012 and 2013 Postseasons will shift from TBS to MLB Network.
While financial terms were not disclosed, the additional postseason games being aired provides yet another new revenue stream for baseball.
In a landmark moment for the league-owned MLB Network, it was also announced that MLBN will exclusively televise two Division Series games in each of the next two years, marking the first time MLB Network will air live Postseason games.
Consecutive first-round playoff victories for Agoura, which is 5-3 the past three postseasons.
Being a lower postseason seed has suited Birmingham well.
Outlook: Sylmar's reward for an undefeated regular season and a Valley Mission League title was the fifth seed in the City Section playoffs, which means, barring an upset by Franklin of Highland Park over San Pedro, the Spartans likely get only one postseason home game.
But that's what the Lakers always did the past three postseasons, and after looking very mortal early against Minnesota, that's what they did against the Timberwolves.
There were those four games, of course, four victories the Spurs will try to draw fresh encouragement from, while the Lakers nod and recall having gone 8-1 against the Spurs the past two postseasons.
Kobe said something about maybe we can sweep then in the postseason,'' Jackson said.
The designers of the playoff system that has been in effect for the last three postseasons say the team that is at home for the last three games of the three-of-five division series has the home-field advantage because it plays more games and the last games at home.
The Cleveland Indians have already performed a yeoman-like job this postseason.
Not only did the scheming blasphemers make it possible for nonchampionship teams to play postseason games, but they also have handed this year's National League nonchampionship team home-field advantage.

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