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Situated behind or occurring after a synapse: postsynaptic neurons.

post′syn·ap′ti·cal·ly adv.


1. (Biology) cytology occurring after synapsis
2. (Anatomy) anatomy located on the distal side of a synapse


(ˌpoʊst sɪˈnæp tɪk)

being or occurring on the receiving end of a discharge across a synapse.
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The researchers believed that the pharmacological action of lavender may be from lavender's action postsynaptically.
ABT-126 potentiates the action of the alpha-7 nicotinic receptor, which is expressed both pre- and postsynaptically.
Perampanel is the first and only licensed AED to selectively target AMPA receptors postsynaptically, which play an important role in the spread of epileptic seizures.
1A] receptors are located both presynaptically (as so-called somatodendritic receptors on the cell bodies of the 5-HT neurons in the diverse raphe nuclei in the brain stem) and postsynaptically in discrete brain regions, including the cortex, amygdala and the hippocampus (Glaser and De Vry 1992; Hamon 1997).
ATP is stored in and released from synaptic nerve terminals and is known to act postsynaptically via P2X receptors.
B] receptors are located presynaptically, where they can inhibit GABA release, and postsynaptically, where they mediate neuronal inhibition (Cryan and Kaupmann 2005).
Effects of alpha-adrenoceptor agonists and antagonists on pre- and postsynaptically located alpha-adrenoceptors.