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1. A person submitting a request or application; a petitioner.
2. A candidate for admission into a religious order.

[French, from Old French, from Latin postulāns, postulant-, present participle of postulāre, to request; see postulate.]

pos′tu·lan·cy, pos′tu·lant·ship′ n.


a person who makes a request or application, esp a candidate for admission to a religious order
[C18: from Latin postulāns asking, from postulāre to ask, demand]
ˈpostulancy, ˈpostulantˌship n


(ˈpɒs tʃə lənt)

1. a candidate, esp. for admission into a religious order.
2. a person who asks or applies for something.
[1750–60; < French < Latin postulant- (s. of postulāns), present participle of postulāre to ask for, claim, require]
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Noun1.postulant - one submitting a request or application especially one seeking admission into a religious order
petitioner, requester, suppliant, supplicant - one praying humbly for something; "a suppliant for her favors"


[ˈpɒstjʊlənt] Npostulante/a m/f


n (Rel) → Postulant(in) m(f)
References in classic literature ?
 Fantastic priests and postulants (with shows,
When an excursion, a church, a gallery, a ruin, was proposed to him, the first thing Newman usually did, after surveying his postulant in silence, from head to foot, was to sit down at a little table and order something to drink.
He had thought to pass in without ceremony as being an initiate of Chicago; but there were particular rites in Vermissa of which they were proud, and these had to be undergone by every postulant.
beaucoup moins que] Nous avons prepare une short-list de postulants pour le poste de selectionneur national des filles.
En effet, depuis deja quelques mois, precisement apres le resultat du classement des trois candidats retenus, au terme duquel, l'actuel president avait, de loin, devance les autres postulants, une campagne acerbe et teigneuse tentait, vainement, de mettre du feu dans la baraque.
La progression de la communaute des Petits freres de la Croix est alors fulgurante : 27 nouveaux postulants arrivent entre 1985 et 1991 et au moment d'emmenager au nouveau monastere, la communaute compte 22 moines.
The number of candidates seeking to become members of parliament stands at 266, while the number of postulants for a municipal council seat is 153," Abdullah Hassan Al Buainain, executive director of the elections, said.
Legislation and Legal Opinion Chief, National Elections 2014 Executive Director Abdulla bin Hassan Al-Buainain released the final list, pointing out that 11 postulants opted to pull out of the race.
in fact, LCWR and CMSVVR are drawing about the same number of new postulants and both face similar challenges of a declining and aging membership.
Nuns and postulants from the Eastern Orthodox convent of St Thekla in Mloula with Abbess Pelagea at the head are staying in Haswani's guarded private house near Yabrud for the second month running.
In Mehmeti's view, the parties produce masters and doctors of science who are the biggest and most incapable partisan postulants.
On nous a dit qu'ils vont nous prendre, mais seulement 400 des 700 postulants etaient recrutes", s'est plaint un des manifestants.