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a. A position of a person's body or body parts: a sitting posture; the posture of a supplicant.
b. A characteristic way of bearing one's body; carriage: stooped posture.
2. Zoology A position of an animal's body or body parts, especially for the purpose of communication: a dog's submissive posture.
3. Relative placement or arrangement: the posture of the buildings on the land.
4. A condition or state under certain circumstances: the nation's posture in the world economy.
a. An attitude or way of behaving, especially when adopted to have an effect on others: assumed a posture of angry defiance.
b. An approach or policy with regard to something: adjusting the government's defense posture.
v. pos·tured, pos·tur·ing, pos·tures
1. To assume a certain, often exaggerated body position; pose.
2. To assume a certain attitude or behave in a certain way, especially to make an impression or gain an advantage: "They postured as Southern Loyalists to win the support of ex-Confederates" (James M. Smallwood).
3. Zoology To assume a certain position of the body or of body parts, often as part of a display.
1. To put into a specific posture; pose: The photographer postured the model.
2. To place in a certain arrangement or condition: an army that was postured for defense.

[French, from Italian postura, from Latin positūra, position, from positus, past participle of pōnere, to place; see apo- in Indo-European roots.]

pos′tur·al adj.
pos′tur·er, pos′tur·ist n.
Synonyms: posture, attitude, carriage, pose1, stance
These nouns denote a position of the body and limbs: erect posture; an attitude of prayer; dignified carriage; a reclining pose; an athlete's alert stance.
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Adj.1.postural - of or relating to or involving posture; "postural exercises"


[ˈpɒstʃərəl] ADJ [habits, exercises] → postural


adjHaltungs-; postural exercisesHaltungsübungen pl; children can develop bad postural habitsKinder können sich eine schlechte Haltung angewöhnen


a. postural, rel. a la postura del cuerpo;
___ hypotensionhipotensión ___, descenso de la presión arterial en posición erecta.


adj postural
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In addition, a Phase 1 safety study assessed the ability to maintain postural stability, awaken to an auditory stimulus, and perform on tests of memory and attention in the middle of the night; the postural stability and tests of memory and attention were repeated in the morning shortly after awakening.
Through 25 chapters, occupational and physical therapists from North America and Iceland outline clinical assessment considerations for working with people with disabilities who may need wheelchair seating for postural support, skin integrity, or mobility.
Among these, autonomic neurally-mediated syncope is the most common one, which includes postural tachycardia syndrome (POTS), vasovagal syncope, and orthostatic hypotension.
1,2) The performance of high-level motor tasks in ballet involves simultaneous mastery of static and dynamic postural balance.
Contract notice: Acquisition of an integrated computer system for registration of postural load, Ergonomic analysis and design of jobs for asepeyo, Mutual collaborator with social security n 151.
The postural control system returns the statically unstable body to the equilibrium position after facing a perturbation.
1) Progression of the morning stiffness due to chronic inflammation may cause postural changes.
Objective: This study aimed to evaluate postural awareness and changes in posture and flexibility of students who took Clinical Pilates class as an elective course at the undergraduate level.
The lightweight back support incorporates body alignment, pressure distribution, and directional forces for comfortable postural control.
Postural restrictions were advised by Epley after canalith repositioning maneuvers.
Assim, na pratica clinica, e importante que seja adotado os dois pontos para analise postural completa da cabeca.
6] studied proprioceptive postural behavior in subjects with voice alterations, and they concluded that increased proprioceptive awareness through speech and kinesic therapy directly affect oral production.