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a. A position of a person's body or body parts: a sitting posture; the posture of a supplicant.
b. A characteristic way of bearing one's body; carriage: stooped posture.
2. Zoology A position of an animal's body or body parts, especially for the purpose of communication: a dog's submissive posture.
3. Relative placement or arrangement: the posture of the buildings on the land.
4. A condition or state under certain circumstances: the nation's posture in the world economy.
a. An attitude or way of behaving, especially when adopted to have an effect on others: assumed a posture of angry defiance.
b. An approach or policy with regard to something: adjusting the government's defense posture.
v. pos·tured, pos·tur·ing, pos·tures
1. To assume a certain, often exaggerated body position; pose.
2. To assume a certain attitude or behave in a certain way, especially to make an impression or gain an advantage: "They postured as Southern Loyalists to win the support of ex-Confederates" (James M. Smallwood).
3. Zoology To assume a certain position of the body or of body parts, often as part of a display.
1. To put into a specific posture; pose: The photographer postured the model.
2. To place in a certain arrangement or condition: an army that was postured for defense.

[French, from Italian postura, from Latin positūra, position, from positus, past participle of pōnere, to place; see apo- in Indo-European roots.]

pos′tur·al adj.
pos′tur·er, pos′tur·ist n.
Synonyms: posture, attitude, carriage, pose1, stance
These nouns denote a position of the body and limbs: erect posture; an attitude of prayer; dignified carriage; a reclining pose; an athlete's alert stance.
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Adj.1.postural - of or relating to or involving posture; "postural exercises"


[ˈpɒstʃərəl] ADJ [habits, exercises] → postural


adjHaltungs-; postural exercisesHaltungsübungen pl; children can develop bad postural habitsKinder können sich eine schlechte Haltung angewöhnen


a. postural, rel. a la postura del cuerpo;
___ hypotensionhipotensión ___, descenso de la presión arterial en posición erecta.


adj postural
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Posturally induced vasoconstriction was used to examine the relationship between the sympathovagal balance and skin perfusion in this study [26-27].
The shoes posturally throw the shins in a forward direction.
For posturally stable locomotion, the necessary and sufficient condition is to have the ZMP within the support polygon at all stages of the locomotion gait [8].
Their assumption given the slight drop in blood pressure between the two positions was that he was posturally hypotensive.
Water drinking improves orthostatic tolerance in patients with posturally related syncope.
However, a well-rounded program, progressing through all of the stages, helps the patient recover to a stronger, more injury-resistant and posturally aware running form.
Finally, though these experiments do not specifically address the ecological theory of motion sickness, simulator sickness symptoms were elicited although the participants were never challenged posturally (they were firmly strapped into a chair with a five-point harness and with Velcro straps for the feet).
Muscle relaxants are of no proven benefit in posturally shortened muscles, and their use can impair motor function and cause drowsiness.