pot shot

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also pot shot  (pŏt′shŏt′)
1. A random or easy shot.
2. A criticism made without careful thought and aimed at a handy target for attack: reporters taking potshots at the mayor.

[So called because such a shot is fired by a hunter whose main purpose is to get food for the pot.]

pot shot



1. (Hunting) a chance shot taken casually, hastily, or without careful aim
2. (Hunting) a shot fired to kill game in disregard of the rules of sport
3. (Hunting) a shot fired at quarry within easy range, often from an ambush

pot shot

n to take a potshot at sthsparare a casaccio contro qc
References in classic literature ?
Now, I'd like to know what the eternal thunders we was marched into these woods for anyhow, unless it was to give the rebs a regular pot shot at us.
PETER ODEMWINGIE has taken a pot shot at Cardiff for unsettling him.
Mourinho followed Pellegrini at Real Madrid and took a pot shot at his predecessor for finishing second as "best losers".
He's taken a pot shot at Mumford and Sons saying they look like "they've got nits".
The five-piece band, who will play Kasbah in Primrose Hill Street on Saturday September 1, came under fire when a couple of youngsters took a pot shot at them with a pellet gun from the top of a city tower block.
Eurozone meltdown is damaging business confidence but this must not be used as an alibi for no growth in the UK" - Tory MP David Ruffley takes a pot shot at George Osborne.
Ronnie O's Imogen pot shot shame SNOOKER ace Ronnie O'Sullivan took to Twitter after landing in hot water for an obscene Imogen Thomas outburst on the site.
New York, Aug 9 (ANI): Levi Johnston's sister has yet again taken a pot shot at her would-have-been sister-in-law Bristol Palin, branding her a 'sociopath.
The hosts were still unable to find an equaliser and Shrewsbury doubled their lead on 78 minutes when Craig Disley found the bottom corner with a pot shot.
IT was very interesting to read the two letters in the Gazette (Chamber pot shot 08-12-09) on the day there were no councillors' letters in the Your Say section.
The stats show that Wigan are the joint worse scorers this season, having chalked up only 13 strikes and, ahead of the visit of Hull City this afternoon, N'Zogbia has again taken a pot shot at the potholes.