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A thick, often creamy soup.

[French, from Old French; see pottage.]


(pɔtaʒ; English pəʊˈtɑːʒ)
(Cookery) any thick soup
[C16: from Old French; see pottage]



a thick soup.
[< French; see pottage]
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Noun1.potage - thick (often creamy) souppotage - thick (often creamy) soup    
soup - liquid food especially of meat or fish or vegetable stock often containing pieces of solid food


n (Cook) → dicke Suppe (mit Rahm)
References in classic literature ?
Philip sent the waiter for a bottle of Burgundy from the neighbouring tavern, and they had a potage aux herbes, a steak from the window aux pommes, and an omelette au kirsch.
A light potage, with a few grapes and bread, composed her dinner; even of these I observed that she laid aside nearly half for the succeeding day, doubts of her having the means of supporting her parent until the handkerchief was completed beginning to beset her mind.
salle a manger = dining room; salon = living room; potage = soup}
Mouton aux navets," added the butler gravely (pronounce, if you please, moutongonavvy); "and the soup is potage de mouton a l'Ecossaise.
Another hit, the tom kah gai, is a delicate, milky, semisweet chicken and mushroom potage with the spicy aftertaste of galangal, onions and kaffir lime leaves.
Le SIA 2018 a Paris se composera de quatre univers, a savoir l'elevage et ses filieres, les cultures et filieres vegetales, jardin et potage, les produits des regions de France, d'Outre Mer et du Monde, les services et les metiers de l'agriculture.
10) 17 patiekalu, patiekiamu atskirai vienas po kito: Hors-d'-oeuvre (Ualtieji ir karUtieji uPkandPiai); Potage (sriuba, paprastai patiekiamos dvi--sultinys ir tirUta); Oeufs (kiauUiniai); Farineaux (miltinis arba ryPiu patiekalas); Poisson (Puvis); Releve (pirmasis lengvas pagrindinis (daPnai paukUtienos) patiekalas); Entree (antrasis pagrindinis (mesos) patiekalas); Sorbet (poilsis--patiekiamas sorbetas (ledas su Uampanu), siunciamos ratu cigaretes, sakoma kalba); Roti (kepsnys, visuomet Pveriena arba laukinis paukUtis); Legumes (darPoves, pvz.
The translation of publication by individual academics into the potage of research funding to universities drives significant levels of activity in universities.
Creating digital editions for corpus linguistics: The case of Potage Dyvers, a family of six Middle English recipe collections.
While he enjoyed the larger set-piece meals I'd say his favourite dish, which I prepared for him often at the Bryn Howel, was a simple soup or potage made from a tiny bit of pasta with something like little pieces of lobster, fillet steak or asparagus.
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