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A thick, often creamy soup.

[French, from Old French; see pottage.]


(pɔtaʒ; English pəʊˈtɑːʒ)
(Cookery) any thick soup
[C16: from Old French; see pottage]



a thick soup.
[< French; see pottage]
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Noun1.potage - thick (often creamy) souppotage - thick (often creamy) soup    
soup - liquid food especially of meat or fish or vegetable stock often containing pieces of solid food


n (Cook) → dicke Suppe (mit Rahm)
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Elles accompagneront parfaitement les soupes et potages.
Resident friars and town wenches will be on hand to serve guests with their five-course feast of potages, roasts and pies, rounded off by pudding and cheeses and accompanied by flagons of ale and fine wine.
TV potages showed young medical staffers ransacking the Civic Center premises In Gulshan-e-Iqbal town, throwing stones and flowerpots to glass walls, breaking windowpanes and furiously shouting slogans against city government authorities.
Pupils then slaved over a hot stove to muster up some traditional "Shakespearean" dishes, such as potages and stews.
Et nous expedions, avec une dexterite incomparable, des potages Combo, des croquettes a l'indienne, des kadgiori de turbot, du pilaf a la persane, des ousou kebaba a la turque, du koulbac, du veau au papricka, sans compter l'omelette creole, le riz a l'indienne et l'inevitable mufle de boeuf au karri (1889 : 209-213).
Plus tard, quand nous aurons jugule les crises et l'agrypnie, je veux bien que vous preniez quelques potages, puis des purees, mais toujours au lait, au lait.
Though chicken was the meat of choice, mainstay potages were studded with beef, pork, swan, stork, peacock, crane, and even whale (Kiple and Ornelas 1211).