potato leafhopper

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pota′to leaf′hopper

a small, light green, white-spotted leafhopper, Empoascafabae, that is a serious pest of many cultivated plants, esp. potatoes.
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Some effects of soybean pubescence on populations of the potato leafhopper.
This entomological detective work could help scientists take out of commission culprits such as Mediterranean fruit flies, corn earworms, mosquitoes, sweetpotato whiteflies, biting midges, Indianmeal moths, and potato leafhoppers.
The effect of plant-water stress on potato leafhopper, Empoasca fabae, egg developmental period and mortality.
Under the waning moon, hunt potato leafhoppers, cucumber beetles, mites, bean-leaf beetles, lice, ticks, screwworms and fly maggots.
When mimosa webworms appear on locust trees, potato leafhoppers reach economic levels in the alfalfa.