potato pancake

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Noun1.potato pancake - made of grated potato and egg with a little flourpotato pancake - made of grated potato and egg with a little flour
battercake, flannel cake, flannel-cake, flapcake, flapjack, hot cake, hotcake, pancake, griddlecake - a flat cake of thin batter fried on both sides on a griddle
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Boxty A traditional Irish potato pancake dish particularly popular in counties Leitrim and Long ford.
Birch Benders' Sweet Potato Pancake & Waffle Mix features the exclusive seasonal flavor of sweet potatoes.
50 | Potato pancake - PS2 a piece (or a portion of three pieces PS4.
From cooking whole food dishes to producing such fare as a cauliflower, olive and caper Neopolitan Christmas Salad, crisp potato pancake Latkes, and Green Curry Vegetable Stew, Plant Based Cookbook is packed with flavor, profiles many dishes that can be assembled in under 30 minutes, and is filled with international influences and flavors to delight even the most avid meat-based eater.
It's a melt-in-the-mouth slow cooked beef stew served on a giant potato pancake, fried and crisped around the edges, with an utterly irrelevant side salad.
The Colonel's upside down peach cobbler and potato pancake recipe from the book are currently available on the Facebook page.
50 set menu and enjoyed smoked salmon on a potato pancake followed by chicken in a delicious mushroom sauce.
But she loves my calves' liver, bacon and foie gras terrine, spreads slabs of parfait of chicken livers and foie gras on toast and always chooses sauteed foie gras, potato pancake and onion chutney when it's on the menu and that's all offal in one shape or form.
For my entree, I ordered the Roasted Onaga ($28), which was accompanied by a potato pancake, charred cabbage, gingered lomi tomatoes and a Thai chili butter sauce.
Boxty Pancakes are a traditional Irish potato pancake served on the eve of All Saints' Day, All Hallows' Eve.
The potato pancake is an excellent way of showing off the cod without overpowering the taste.