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n. pl. pot·bel·lies
1. A protruding abdominal region.
2. A potbelly stove.

pot′bel′lied adj.
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Adj.1.potbellied - having a large bellypotbellied - having a large belly      
fat - having an (over)abundance of flesh; "he hadn't remembered how fat she was"


[ˈpɒtˌbɛlɪd] adj (from overeating) → panciuto/a; (from malnutrition) → dal ventre gonfio
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Potbellied police in Indonesia have been ordered to exercise, exchanging their uniforms for jogging bottoms and trainers as they try to drop a few kilos.
Continuing the kosher tradition started last year by the late Piggy Sue, an 18-year-old potbellied pig that died earlier this year, Wilbur, also a potbellied pig, will make his public debut as this year's parade mascot.
In a work session on Tuesday, councilors reviewed draft language for a revised municipal code that would permit just potbellied pigs, sus scrofa vittatus, also known as Vietnamese pigs and miniature pigs.
There are already two Vietnamese potbellied pigs in Kilfinane named Wayne and Coleen, after the troubled footballer and his wife.
GEORGE Clooney lived with a Vietnamese black-bristled potbellied pig Max (left) for eight years.
Her bankruptcy ranged from millions in missing jewels to six potbellied pigs and plagued the late model at the height of her notoriety.
A MOTHER and daughter who caused unnecessary suffering to a potbellied pig which later died have been banned for life from keeping the animals, the RSPCA said yesterday.
While a majority of pets are cats and dogs, millions of people also own small animals such as rabbits, hamsters, mice, ferrets, and potbellied pigs.
It's mostly dogs and cats, but I've cared for fish, horses, potbellied pigs and llamas -- and tortoises.
She is a Vietnamese potbellied pig and is described by her carers as "really sweet".
meat debate: I have been wondering if potbellied pigs were practical as a meat source.