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 (pə-tēn′, pō-, pə-chēn′)
Unlawfully distilled Irish whiskey.

[Irish Gaelic poitín, small pot, poteen, from pota, pot, from English pot.]


(pɒˈtiːn) or


(Brewing) (in Ireland) illicit spirit, often distilled from potatoes
[C19: from Irish poitín little pot, from pota pot]


(pəˈtin, -ˈtʃin, -ˈθin, poʊ-)

(in Ireland) illicitly distilled whiskey.
[1805–15; < Irish poitín literally, small pot, diminutive of pota pot1]


An Irish word meaning little pot, used to mean Irish whiskey distilled illegally.
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Noun1.poteen - unlawfully distilled Irish whiskey
Irish whiskey, Irish whisky, Irish - whiskey made in Ireland chiefly from barley


[pɒˈtiːn, pɒˈtʃiːn] Naguardiente m, whiskey m (irlandés, destilado ilegalmente)
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Ranging from fruit to cream liqueurs, cocktail recipes and liqueur gift boxes, there is also poteen and aged Celtic whiskey.
Durty Nelly had discovered one of Ireland's best-loved secret brews, famed for its purity, strength and health-giving powers - she had created poteen, the 'tatie wine'.
Cooley is also experimenting with batches of poteen (Irish moonshine) and a Connemara whiskey, matured in a cask with the barrel ends made from bog oak, wood that's been petrified for thousands of years.
You may talk about Jamaica rum, and Monongahela too, Or all the poteen whiskey made from Cork to Killaloo: For, it's a mere cypher, and far below the par; For, it can't come up to Larry and his big-five-gallon jar.
Its best stayers in Europe in recent years were the dam Patacake Patacake's more than half-brothers Poteen - who stayed a mile himself - and Bog Trotter, who stayed no further than seven furlongs.
Only two of the seven runners completed the course, with Falchion (10- 3) putting up a good display of jumping to beat Case Of Poteen by a distance in the hands of Wilson Renwick.
The firm will also be inviting people to taste Danzy Jones Wysgi Licor, a mellowed 40% whisky, and Celtic Poteen, a clear 48% proof spirit made from white root vegetables and triple-distilled.
And viewers will be able to see six Pobol characters make their presence felt in Ros na R[pounds sterling]n as they swap their local brew Cic Mul for poteen, an Irish brew with a kick-like-a-donkey.
The Fife pair hadn't struck at the East Lothian track for two years but that all changed yesterday after they took the first two races with Case Of Poteen and The Tinker.
His wins came on Case Of Poteen and The Tinker, who were both trained by his mother Sue.
THE results from the annual pre-Christmas Garda alert for poteen show that the time-honoured trade is being killed off by prosperity.