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 (pə-tēn′, pō-, pə-chēn′)
Unlawfully distilled Irish whiskey.

[Irish Gaelic poitín, small pot, poteen, from pota, pot, from English pot.]


(pɒˈtiːn) or


(Brewing) (in Ireland) illicit spirit, often distilled from potatoes
[C19: from Irish poitín little pot, from pota pot]


(pəˈtin, -ˈtʃin, -ˈθin, poʊ-)

(in Ireland) illicitly distilled whiskey.
[1805–15; < Irish poitín literally, small pot, diminutive of pota pot1]


An Irish word meaning little pot, used to mean Irish whiskey distilled illegally.
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Noun1.poteen - unlawfully distilled Irish whiskey
Irish whiskey, Irish whisky, Irish - whiskey made in Ireland chiefly from barley


[pɒˈtiːn, pɒˈtʃiːn] Naguardiente m, whiskey m (irlandés, destilado ilegalmente)
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The speakeasy vibe starts with the plain door and continues in the bar upstairs - and the drinks are some of Dublin's best, made with Ireland's craft whiskeys and poteen - poshed-up moonshine.
Also: 7-1 Pure Poteen (IRE) fell, 7-1 The Ramblin Kid pulled up, 16-1 Joseph Mercer (IRE) 6th, 16-1 Leanna Ban fell, 25-1 Manballandall (IRE) 4th, 25-1 Mercers Court (IRE) 5th.
Poteen or poitin (pronounced "po-CHEEN") is a traditional, un-aged Irish spirit made in small pot stills that provide its name.
Durty Nelly had discovered one of Ireland's best-loved secret brews, famed for its purity, strength and health-giving powers - she had created poteen, the 'tatie wine'.
Its best stayers in Europe in recent years were the dam Patacake Patacake's more than half-brothers Poteen - who stayed a mile himself - and Bog Trotter, who stayed no further than seven furlongs.
However, he does add flavor to the comedy, particularly when a glass too many of some lethal homemade poteen robs him of his poise, or when wincing through a drunken chorus of "Ave Maria.
Only two of the seven runners completed the course, with Falchion (10- 3) putting up a good display of jumping to beat Case Of Poteen by a distance in the hands of Wilson Renwick.
The firm will also be inviting people to taste Danzy Jones Wysgi Licor, a mellowed 40% whisky, and Celtic Poteen, a clear 48% proof spirit made from white root vegetables and triple-distilled.
And viewers will be able to see six Pobol characters make their presence felt in Ros na R[pounds sterling]n as they swap their local brew Cic Mul for poteen, an Irish brew with a kick-like-a-donkey.
His wins came on Case Of Poteen and The Tinker, who were both trained by his mother Sue.
THE results from the annual pre-Christmas Garda alert for poteen show that the time-honoured trade is being killed off by prosperity.