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n. Slang
One who habitually smokes marijuana.


(Recreational Drugs) slang a habitual user of cannabis



n. Slang.
a person who habitually smokes marijuana.
[1965–70, Amer.]
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Noun1.pothead - someone who smokes marijuana habitually
head - a user of (usually soft) drugs; "the office was full of secret heads"


n (inf)Kiffer(in) m(f) (inf)
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Order Pothead Sessions, a generous serving of fish balls, squid balls, crispy chicken skin, kikiam and chicharon bulaklak.
And the actor, who plays troublemaker Keith Kiely in the hit soap, revealed he even learned how to surf for his role as pothead Derek O'Mara.
The actor played the role of a foul-mouthed pothead named Erlich Bachman for four seasons.
Thus when a thief covers her tracks by throwing tiny toy cars on the pavement so her pursuers take a tumble, one bruised pothead shrieks, "She Home Alone-d me
Jesse Eisenberg plays an unmotivated pothead called Mike who lives an uneventful life working in a convenience store and is planning to propose to his long-term girlfriend Phoebe (Kristen 'Twilight' Stewart).
Jesse Eisenberg plays an unmotivated pothead called Mike, who lives an uneventful life working in a convenience store and is planning to propose to his girlfriend Phoebe (Kristen Stewart).
She said: "I'm not a pothead, I just think it's funny we legalise something as destructive as alcohol or pills and not marijuana.
Yet, until the film is seen widely and tested against time, we will not know if "The Interview" is another "Pineapple Express" (a 2008 film in which Rogan and Franco play pothead buddies on the run from a hit man) or a classic satire like Charlie Chaplin's "The Great Dictator.
The first volume covers histories and practices from such perspectives as Aristophanes' parody of Socrates as a pothead and the Spartan cult of the wolf, the formation of hippie spirituality, and evolutionary views of entheogenic consciousness.
Then there's the local pothead intent on ruining as many lives as possible.
I matured and moved on to arty pothead guys" - Actress Jenny Slate, whose date disclosed to her the ending of a film in advance.
By imparting resilient flexibility and high-temperature and chemical resistance to bladder designs, Aflas helps reduce the differential pressure between the well bore and the motor, extending the life of mechanical seals and the pothead area.