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n. Slang
One who habitually smokes marijuana.


(Recreational Drugs) slang a habitual user of cannabis



n. Slang.
a person who habitually smokes marijuana.
[1965–70, Amer.]
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Noun1.pothead - someone who smokes marijuana habitually
head - a user of (usually soft) drugs; "the office was full of secret heads"


n (inf)Kiffer(in) m(f) (inf)
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Seth Rogen is process server and pothead Dale, who buys all his drugs from amiable Saul (James Franco).
Things go downhill from there, as we visit a Dutch pothead who heads a cannabis cult.
And so, as The Wire for white suburban moms drops its third season on DVD, I call for an expansion of weed humor's boundaries, a way to look at potheads in a broader and more multiplistic sense, to break the chains of pothead vilification.
Oh, and the hilarious Canadian spoof book Hairy Pothead and the Marijuana Stone.
Mr Ditchfield, who was arrested recently within hours of opening his Beggar's Belief cafe in Rhyl, thought it would be amusing to publish a doctored picture of Harry Potter -dubbed Harry Pothead -smoking a spliff on his website.
Maybe there's still time for Harry Pothead and the Palace of Secrets?
Tenders are invited for Protection Work Of Approach Road From Main Road To Pothead Yard Of Parbati Iii Power Station
Paul (15) Live action/CGI comedy as sci-fi geeks Simon Pegg and Nick Frost befriend a sweary, pothead alien (Seth Rogen) on the run from the feds.
15 Spacey plays a shrink to the stars in LA but, unable to cope with a personal tragedy, he turns into a pothead with no concern for his appearance and develops a creeping sense of his inability to help his celebrity patients.
Looking back at old photographs of myself at university, bearded with wild curly hair, I could easily have been taken for a pothead, sitting in a circle on a Flokati shagpile rug with Grateful Dead on the hi-fi.
Peter Verran also revealed that pothead Hewlett made wild and unfounded claims that the McCanns were involved in their daughter's disappearance.