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1. A hole or pit, especially one in a road surface. Also called chuckhole.
2. A deep round hole worn in rock by loose stones whirling in strong rapids or waterfalls.
3. Western US A place filled with mud or quicksand that is a hazard to cattle.

pot′holed′ adj.


1. (Physical Geography) geography
a. a deep hole in limestone areas resulting from action by running water. See also sinkhole1
b. a circular hole in the bed of a river produced by abrasion
2. (Physical Geography) a deep hole, esp one produced in a road surface by wear or weathering



1. a hole formed in pavement, as by excessive use or by extremes of weather.
2. a hole cut in submerged bedrock by the erosive action of gravel whirled about by eddying water.
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Noun1.pothole - a pit or hole produced by wear or weathering (especially in a road surface)pothole - a pit or hole produced by wear or weathering (especially in a road surface)
hollow, hole - a depression hollowed out of solid matter
حُفْرَةحُفْرَة في الطَّريقنُقْرَه ، حُفْرَة في صَخْر بِفِعل الماء
výmolobří hrnec
rupa na cesti
hola/hvarf í vegiskessuketill
팬 구멍
krasová priepasťobrí hrniec
yol çukurudüşey mağarakasisobruk
ổ gà


[ˈpɒthəʊl] N
1. (in road) → bache m
2. (Geol) → marmita f de gigante, gruta f; (loosely) → cueva f, caverna f, profunda gruta f


[ˈpɒthəʊl] n
(in road)nid-de-poule m
(= underground cave) → puits mpot-holed potholed [ˈpɒthəʊld] adj [road] → plein(e) de nids-de-poule


[ˈpɒtˌhəʊl] n (in road) → buca (Brit) (Geol) → marmitta


(pot) noun
any one of many kinds of deep container used in cooking, for holding food, liquids etc or for growing plants. a cooking-pot; a plant-pot; a jam-pot; The waiter brought her a pot of tea.
verbpast tense, past participle ˈpotted
to plant in a pot.
ˈpotted adjective
1. (of food) pressed into a pot or jar in order to preserve it. potted meat.
2. contained in a pot. a potted plant.
3. brief; summarized. a potted history of Britain.
ˈpothole noun
1. a hole or cave made in rock by the action of swirling water.
2. a hole worn in a road-surface.
ˈpot-shot noun
an easy or casual shot that doesn't need careful aim. He took a pot-shot at a bird on the fence.
take pot luck
to take whatever happens to be available, eg as an unexpected guest at a meal-time.


حُفْرَة výmol hul Schlagloch λακκούβα cueva subterránea kuoppa nid-de-poule rupa na cesti cavità ポットホール 팬 구멍 putje hull wybój buraco выбоина tjälskott หลุมบ่อ yol çukuru ổ gà 坑洼
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However, even as the snow melts, drivers are reminded of winter's wrath, as snow and cold temperatures create one of the most dreaded obstacles on the road -- the pothole.
Pothole repair in road networks is one of the most commonly performed operation for most road maintenance teams, especially in areas where cold winters and wet springs contribute to accelerated road surface breakup ever year.
Cambridge City Council is just one local authority that has recently embarked on a project to fix potholes, however unlike many others they have hired a hi-tech Swedish pothole filler which has been nick-named 'The Dragon'.
Only Birmingham, the largest local authority, did not receive any cash as pothole repairs are included in the city's highways contract with Amey.
A combined total of just over PS800,000 has been allocated by the Government to Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland and Stockton councils from a national Pothole Repair Fund of PS168m.
February and March are usually the prime months for pothole season, but recent fluctuations in temperatures the past few weeks have spawned an early crop in the region.
WET weather storms and a risk of freezing conditions towards the end of the month threaten to deliver the worst pothole season ever seen in the UK.
We're not trying to be thieves, or steal from the city," the pothole Robin Hood said.
To report potholes contact the council on 01446 700111 and say you are reporting a pothole under The BIG Fill campaign, email thebigfill@valeofglamorgan.
8 million to road users for pothole damage, with authorities in the north west of England paying out the most at PS8 million, according to figures collated by the Asphalt Industry Association.
Whilst always grateful to residents who do bring potholes to our attention, we have a dedicated team of highways inspectors who collate pothole data so that repairs can be undertaken on a regular basis.
About four years ago, a motorist was reportedly killed after his car hit a pothole in Obhur.