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Pothunting may also be a means of supplementing income in an area which has a high level of unemployment, and where the average annual income is $14,000 compared with an average US household annual income of $50,000.
Such a move was tried in the past and only succeeded in putting many jackpot regulars off the whole idea of pothunting.
Junto a los celeberrimos procesos posdeposicionales naturales de caracter destructivo --alteraciones fisicas o mecanicas no culturales cuya descripcion y analisis excede los objetivos de este texto--, podriamos mencionar la descomposicion de elementos organicos, que hace desaparecer una parte importante del registro, y toda una serie de variantes de la idea del saqueo, el expolio y otras formas de recuperacion de objetos aun valiosos para quien los extrae: reincorporacion, salvage, scavenging, collecting, pothunting (descripcion detallada de cada uno en Schiffer, 1987: 99-120).
THE Brummies are on a pothunting mission in their biggest meeting of the season at Perry Barr tomorrow night (6pm).
At H2, excavations focused on the living space with its surrounding walls, but were restricted to scanty investigations of the entrance passage and kitchen area, where an ice wedge extending between H1 and H2 and pothunting had disturbed the original archaeological context.
While the tribes have clearly gained ground in Oregon and have strengthened their position with respect to the determination of their cultural resources, there are still further steps that can be taken to deter vandalism, pothunting, and wanton development.
Souvenance had been pothunting in Ireland before getting bogged down in desperate ground in a Listed race at Hamburg in June.