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1. Whatever food happens to be available for a meal, especially when offered to a guest: Having arrived unannounced for supper, we had to take potluck.
2. A meal at which each guest brings food that is then shared by all. Also called potluck supper.
3. Whatever is available at a particular time: The scheduled flight was canceled and passengers had to take potluck on the other airlines.


(ˈpɒtˌlʌk, -ˈlʌk)

1. a meal that happens to be available without special preparation or purchase.
2. Also called pot′luck sup′per. a meal, esp. for a large group, to which participants bring food to be shared.
3. whatever is available or comes one's way.


- Comes from the practice of throwing leftovers in a pot—with luck determining how good the stew would taste.
See also related terms for luck.
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Noun1.potluck - whatever happens to be available especially when offered to an unexpected guest or when brought by guests and shared by allpotluck - whatever happens to be available especially when offered to an unexpected guest or when brought by guests and shared by all; "having arrived unannounced we had to take potluck"; "a potluck supper"
meal, repast - the food served and eaten at one time


[ˌpɒtˈlʌk] n to take potluck (for food) → mangiare quel che passa il convento; (for other things) → tentare la sorte
References in classic literature ?
He at once resolved to accompany me to that island, ship aboard the same vessel, get into the same watch, the same boat, the same mess with me, in short to share my every hap; with both my hands in his, boldly dip into the Potluck of both worlds.
I am grown by sympathy a little eager and sentimental, but leave me alone and I should relish every hour and what it brought me, the potluck of the day, as heartily as the oldest gossip in the bar-room.
a potluck dinner with friends and take advantage of movie rental
They gather for a potluck before the screening and food, discuss an LGBT issue, then watch an LGBT-themed movie.
On Saturday evening at the track is a potluck meal.
1-8-99 (Friday) 11:00 am Arrival at ECHS for school welcome assembly 5:00 pm Family potluck and social in ECHS cafeteria
Maybe you're having a family potluck, begging your friend to cook, or hopping random parties.
For several years, friends have hosted a potluck and bridge tournament to celebrate her birthday.
For example, the midweek Lenten potluck and service and Maundy Thursday observance during Holy Week are being held at Prince of Peace.
416 will hold an open house potluck dinner at 6:30 p.
People celebrate Valentine's Day early with the J&J Social and Travel Club as they host a pre-Valentine's Day potluck and dance party, at 7:30 p.
JUNCTION CITY - The Oregon Old Time Fiddlers District 6 will offer a full-day acoustic jam and potluck at Long Tom Grange, 25855 Ferguson Road, Junction City, from 10:30 a.