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 (pŏt′shûrd′) also pot·shard (-shärd′)
A fragment of broken pottery, especially one found in an archaeological excavation.


(ˈpɒtˌʃɜːd) or


a broken fragment of pottery
[C14: from pot1 + schoord piece of broken crockery; see shard]



a broken pottery fragment, esp. one of archaeological value.
[1275–1325; Middle English, =pot pot1 + sherd shard]
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Noun1.potsherd - a shard of pottery
shard, sherd, fragment - a broken piece of a brittle artifact


[ˈpɒtˌʃɜːd] Ntiesto m, casco m


[ˈpɒtˌʃɜːd] n (Archeol) → frammento di vaso
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And potsherds are things with those Chinese laundry ticket scratches on them," added Tom.
IT was two o'clock when I returned to my lodgings; my dinner, just brought in from a neighbouring hotel, smoked on the table; I sat down thinking to eat--had the plate been heaped with potsherds and broken glass, instead of boiled beef and haricots, I could not have made a more signal failure: appetite had forsaken me.
For food crusts, each sample ([approximately equal to] 10-20mg scraped from the potsherd surface) was solvent-extracted by ultrasonication with dichloromethane:methanol (2:1 vol/vol; 3x2mL, 15min).
Flesh fade, and mortal trash Fall to the residuary worm; | world's wildfire, leave but ash: In a flash, at a trumpet crash, I am all at once what Christ is, | since he was what I am, and This Jack, joke, poor potsherd, | patch, matchwood, immortal diamond, Is immortal diamond.
Members of the London-based Oriental Ceramic Society, founded in 1921, and of whom George Eumorfopoulos (1863-1939) was perhaps the most remarkable, were major contributors of Cizhou wares, giving whole pieces as well as setting up a potsherd collection.
vs 6) and "He relied on Yahweh, let Yahweh save him (8) or "a heard of bulls surround me like lions, tearing and roaring (12); again "my palate is drier than a potsherd, my bones are all disjointed (14); still "they tie me hand and foot (16); and "they divide my garments among them and cast lots for my clothes (18).
3) The ancient relic has now been unearthed, in an almost archeological dig, by separating its fragments from the layered deposit in which it is submerged, as if lifting the clay from a potsherd.
The turquoise and black floral potsherd, shown above, which dates back to the 12th-13th Century and bears a Persian inscription belonging to the 11th-Century Persian poet, mathematician and astronomer Omar Khayyam, was unearthed during excavations in the Old City of Jerusalem.
On Job's dunghill, and scraping himself with a potsherd, he recognizes (with joy
In 1978 he spotted a bit of painted potsherd on a nearby hillock.
7 as Schroeder suggests) is behind his reasoning: "Silver dishonestly given is to be considered as a potsherd (ostracon, Coptic blce).
Haggard provides the reader with transcriptions, taken from the potsherd, which has been passed down through many generations of Vincey's family, of classical Greek, Latin, medieval English, and more recent inscriptions, taking up several pages of the third chapter.