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also pot shot  (pŏt′shŏt′)
1. A random or easy shot.
2. A criticism made without careful thought and aimed at a handy target for attack: reporters taking potshots at the mayor.

[So called because such a shot is fired by a hunter whose main purpose is to get food for the pot.]



1. a shot fired at game merely for food, with little regard to skill or the rules of sport.
2. a shot at an animal or person within easy range, as from ambush.
3. a casual or aimless shot.
4. a random or incidental criticism.


- Comes from shooting an animal purely for food (pot), rather than for simple conquest.
See also related terms for shooting.
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Noun1.potshot - a shot taken at an easy or casual target (as by a pothunter)
shooting, shot - the act of firing a projectile; "his shooting was slow but accurate"
2.potshot - criticism aimed at an easy target and made without careful consideration; "reporters took potshots at the mayor"
criticism, unfavorable judgment - disapproval expressed by pointing out faults or shortcomings; "the senator received severe criticism from his opponent"
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Onslow became 'Jarrah', Yanrey 'Poker' and Potshot was unaltered until its security was compromised by sloppy signal work a short time after its establishment.
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But his calculated assassination of five of his team-mates last week on MUTV was just the kind of lowlife potshot you'd expect from a vacuous ned.
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24 (ANI): Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday took a potshot on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, reminding him of his earlier promise of bringing back black money stashed abroad.
Mourinho took a potshot at his bitter rival this week for never having won the Champions League.
SHANE Lynch's potshot at his former Boyzone mate Ronan Keating will cost him.
Summary: Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], Dec 29 (ANI): Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) working president MK Stalin on Friday took a potshot at the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) government in Tamil Nadu and termed it to be a "minority" one.
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