potter around

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Verb1.potter around - move around aimlessly
move - move so as to change position, perform a nontranslational motion; "He moved his hand slightly to the right"
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He has become a very sweet and loving young boy who desperately wants a family where he can get lots of cuddles and TLC, and have a nice garden to potter around in and lay in the sunshine.
One neighbour said: "She was a lovely woman whose house was her palace and she loved to potter around the garden.
Go fishing on the River Windrush or potter around the beautiful surrounding villages, where you'll find some of the best country pubs England has to offer.
Of course it doesn't hurt that he and Rob Brydon have such great chemistry as they potter around Italy, trading quips and impressions.
Photographer David, of Brightons, Falkirk, said: "We have a full-size snooker table, which Jodie likes to potter around, so I decided to recreate the shot.
WE LOVE DOCUMENTARY THE BIG ALLOTMENT CHALLENGE (BBC2, 8pm) IT'S time for our weekly potter around the gardeners', sorry, "allotmenteers", patches to see who's coming up smelling of roses and who should be banished to the compost heat.
While most people use their retirement to relax and potter around in the garden, the dedicated pensioner will continue life-saving classes at her local swimming baths in Erdington.
The spring and all it heralds, Is the beginning of life anew, No more ice and snow of winter, And hopefully skies of blue, To make us feel more cheerful, As we go about our day, And potter around the garden, And tend our flowers in bright array.
2, but he's spending pounds 35 a week on petrol just to potter around town.
Jeremy knows the whole story and told me I can come back and potter around the yard.
HOUSEWIVES' favourite Alan Titchmarsh has no plans to retire and potter around the garden tending his beds and borders.
It might all go wrong, but you've got to be aggressive, because if you potter around and pick up points, you haven't got a chance when it comes to the end of the year.