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pot 1

1. Any of various usually domestic containers made of pottery, metal, or glass, as:
a. A round, fairly deep cooking vessel with a handle and often a lid.
b. A short round container for storing or serving food: a jam pot; a mustard pot.
c. A coffeepot.
d. A teapot.
a. Such a container and its contents: a pot of stew; brewed a pot of coffee.
b. A potful.
a. A large drinking cup; a tankard.
b. A drink of liquor contained in such a cup.
4. An artistic or decorative ceramic vessel of any shape.
5. A flowerpot.
6. Something, such as a chimney pot or chamber pot, that resembles a round cooking vessel in appearance or function.
7. A trap for eels, other fish, or crustaceans, typically consisting of a wicker or wire basket or cage.
8. Games
a. The total amount staked by all the players in one hand in cards.
b. The area on a card table where stakes are placed.
c. A shot in billiards or related games intended to send a ball into a pocket.
9. Informal A common fund to which members of a group contribute.
10. often pots Informal A large amount: lost a pot of cash in the stock market crash; made pots of money on their investment.
11. Informal A potshot.
12. Informal A potbelly.
13. Informal A potty or toilet.
v. pot·ted, pot·ting, pots
1. To place or plant in a pot: pot a geranium.
2. To preserve (food) in a pot.
3. To cook in a pot.
4. To shoot (game) for food rather than for sport.
5. Informal To shoot with a potshot.
6. Informal To win or capture; bag.
7. Games To hit (a ball) into a pocket.
1. Informal To take a potshot.
2. To make or shape objects from clay, as on a potter's wheel.

[Middle English, from Old English pott, from Vulgar Latin *pottus.]

pot 2

n. Slang

[Origin unknown.]

pot 3



potting compost
nPflanzerde f
potting shed
nSchuppen m
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Add a layer of potting compost mixed with garden compost around 10cm thick for 30cm deep pots and plant one to three tubers per pot.
Remove as much of the old potting medium as possible.
Potting compounds are too often an afterthought in the design of electronic 1 devices.
Punch pencil-diameter holes in the bottoms of small Styrofoam or paper cups and fill them with potting soil.
Place fresh potting compost in the base of the pot, stand the old pot inside the new one and press compost down round the sides.
POTTING on, or potting up as it's sometimes referred to, is an important spring job as both young and mature plants, including houseplants, are growing strongly.
Sometimes he has agonized over whether to give up potting, so as to devote his whole time to MRA campaigns; thankfully for posterity he has held to his vocation.
The best soil for container plantings is commercial potting mix sold by the bag at most DIY stores and garden centres.
Imidazoles with long pot life and high HDT, for potting, casting and encapsulation.
Add pumice or perlite to your potting mix or ground soil to create drainage.
Fill painted pots with potting soil; mix in controlled-release fertilizer.