potting soil

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pot′ting soil`

enriched topsoil for potting plants.
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The bigger the pot and the more potting soil used, the less often plants require water.
Plug one of these devices into your potting soil and get notifications straight to your phone when your plants are hungry and thirsty.
Make use of a professional potting soil mix like Pro-Mix, Metro-Mix, Fafard-Mix or similar.
Contract notice: Provision of annuals, perennials and micro-lumps, potting soil, fertilizer and grass seed for the parks department.
Formerly, I mixed my own potting soil, but now I usually purchase a good potting soil for this.
Fill the container about halfway 1 full of potting soil (not garden soil), leaving room for the plants.
WHAT YOU'LL NEED * Polished rocks * Small open glass container * Tiny stones or shell gravel * Potting soil * Small succulents and indoor plants like ferns or ivy * Preserved moss (try Home Depot) * Miniature creatures, like faux butterflies and bugs (try Michaels) * Spray bottle with water
All you need for this simple project are packets of edible grass seeds from a local or online nursery, plus potting soil and one or more six-inch-diameter pots with good drainage.
EcoScraps' Manure- and Chemical-Free Potting Soil Is Held to the Highest Eco-Friendly Standards
SOIL Unless you want to mix your own potting soil, buying bags of potting soil is recommended.
Although the composition of potting soil used in Europe is different, Legionnaires' disease has also been described in Scotland in connection with the use of potting soil (13).
The product range includes indoor and outdoor plants, garden tools, pottery, fresh flower arrangements, fountains, stone ornaments, potting soil.