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n. pl. pot·tos
Any of several small nocturnal insect-eating African primates of the genera Perodicticus and Arctocebus, having a pointed snout, large eyes and ears, a stumplike index finger, and a very short tail.

[Of Niger-Congo origin; perhaps akin to Wolof pata, a tailless monkey, or Akan (Twi) apɔsɔ, a fierce monkeylike animal.]


n, pl -tos
1. (Animals) a short-tailed prosimian primate, Perodicticus potto, having vertebral spines protruding through the skin in the neck region, native to tropical forests in West and Central Africa: family Lorisidae
2. (Animals) golden potto another name for angwantibo
3. (Animals) another name for kinkajou
[C18: of West African origin; compare Wolof pata type of tail-less monkey]


(ˈpɒt oʊ)

n., pl. -tos.
1. any of several lorislike African prosimians of the genus Perodicticus, esp. P. potto, having a short tail and vestigial index fingers.
[1695–1705; < Dutch, said to be < Wolof pata tailless monkey]
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.potto - arboreal fruit-eating mammal of tropical America with a long prehensile tailpotto - arboreal fruit-eating mammal of tropical America with a long prehensile tail
procyonid - plantigrade carnivorous mammals
genus Potos, Potos - a genus of Procyonidae
2.potto - a kind of lemurpotto - a kind of lemur      
lemur - large-eyed arboreal prosimian having foxy faces and long furry tails
genus Perodicticus, Perodicticus - a genus of Lorisidae
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The update includes new labels and bottle designs across the Sandeman's line of Aged tawny pottos.
David Mullins, her trainer and breeder, has enjoyed many a success with members of this family, having bred En It's dam Miss Charra Bang in a prolificwinning He Knows-Pottos Way litter headed by Potto Knows, with whom the Romford handler won the 2001 Midland Gold Cup at Monmore.
Hills bet: 8-11 Chart King, 11-10 Deerfield Sunset, 20 Pure Patches, Secret Crystal, 50 Pottos Storm, 66 Frisby Full.
Trap draw and betting: 1- Deerfield Sunset (5-4); 2 - Pottos Storm (50-1); 3 - Pure Patches (20-1); 4 - Secret Crystal (16-1); 5 - Frisby Full (50-1); 6 - Chart King (4-5).
And what a spectacular event it promises to be for the decider had a fairytale finish with a dead heat between mother and son training rivals, Linda and David Mullins through Hello Buttons and Pottos Storm.
And ``Forest Primeval'' is a journey into the seldom-visited wilderness of eastern Zaire, with such beasties as pottos, pangolins and rhinoceros vipers.
No stranger to the big competitions, Mullins has claimed many a prize, including the 1996 Milton Keynes Summer Cup, 1998 Champion Stakes at Romford with Pottos Storm, 2001 Midland Gold Cup at Monmore with Potto Knows, 2002 All England Cup at Brough Park with Let It Slip and the 2003 and 2004 Romford Puppy Cups with Living Jewel and Vamoose.
Trap draw with Hills betting: 1 Deerfield Sunset 11-10, 2 Pottos Storm 50-1, 3 Pure Patches (m), 20-1, 4 Secret Crystal (m) 20-1, 5 Frisby Full (w) 66-1, 6 Chart King (w) 8-11.
There will be a raffle with the main prize being a September 2003 pup by Toms The Best out of Pottos Bubbles, which has been donated by Bridget Cronin.
2nd semi-final: 1 Pottos Storm, 2 Listen To This, 3 Dower Leader, 4 Deerfield Sunset, 5 Farlow Storm (w), 6 Chart King (w).
His trainer Linda Mullins, was also on the mark for Wimbledon's first National final the following year (1999), when remarkably her runner Hello Buttons shared victory with her son David's trained Pottos Storm.