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1. hassock
2. A large firm cushion used as a seat, or a low, soft, backless couch.
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Noun1.pouffe - thick cushion used as a seat
seat - furniture that is designed for sitting on; "there were not enough seats for all the guests"
polsterēts soliņšspilvens sēdēšanai uz grīdas



(puːf) noun
a large firm kind of cushion used as a seat.
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Simply add monochrome accessories such as pictures, mirrors, throws and pouffes.
Create extra seating in small areas with eye-catching floor cushions or pouffes.
Mode dining chair in blue, PS79, Fishpools | These knitted pouffes have been |around for a few seasons, probably because they're so versatile.
These knitted pouffes have been around for a few seasons, probably because they're so versatile.
There are pouffes for all pockets, so you can shop around.
Out of her shop in Ras Beirut, Habib sells chairs, benches, and, most importantly of all, pouffes furbished with her collage-style textiles.
I LOVE these gorgeous folkinspired cushions from the Berry Red Daisy Mae collection, which also features quilts, duvet sets, cushions and storage pouffes all in contrasting folk-inspired textiles with appliqued detailing for that home spun look.
5L A weekend for re-covering Cheatreupholster simple items, such as wooden-armed chairs, stools or pouffes, using stretchy fabric and a staple gun.
GET THE LOOK: Low-level lounging invites relaxation, and hand-embroidered Moroccan pouffes will set the scene instantly.
Check out a range of multi coloured Moroccan leather pouffes, hand made in Marrakech.
Low seating's a must for this laidback but opulent look, and Moroccan Bazaar's Faux Leather Moroccan Pouffes, PS99 each, come in different colours, including striking gold.
Choose Moroccan–style pouffes in fashionable metallic coverings to use as additional seating when needed or pop a tray on top et voila, it's a coffee table.