also pou·larde  (po͞o-lärd′)
A young hen that has been spayed for fattening.

[French poularde, from poule, hen, from Old French, from Latin pulla, feminine of pullus, young of an animal, chicken; see pau- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈpuːlɑːd) or


(Animals) a hen that has been spayed for fattening. Compare capon
[C18: from Old French pollarde, from polle hen; see pullet]


or pou•larde


a hen spayed to improve the flesh for use as food.
[1725–35; < French, =poule hen + -ard -ard]
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The Tatar, recollecting that it was Stepan Arkadyevitch's way not to call the dishes by the names in the French bill of fare, did not repeat them after him, but could not resist rehearsing the whole menus to himself according to the bill:--"Soupe printaniere, turbot, sauce Beaumarchais, poulard a l'estragon, macedoine de fruits.
Each year we fly over a cheese master, Gerard Poulard, from France who does a preview and tasting of farmed cheeses.
This contract is for the supply of furniture and various materials for ehpad Les Charmilles Redon located rue Lucien Poulard Redon.
AFTER A CHANCE DISCOVERY of a piece of paper on which was written a sliver of an enslaved Senegalese woman's history, historians Rebecca Scott and Jean Hebrard embarked on an international archival and genealogical quest, discovering even more pieces of paper, and like forensic detectives, they pieced together a riveting transnational and multigenerational narrative which focuses on the family descended from the slave woman named "Rosalie of the Poulard Nation.
17 in his native England against an opponent to be named, possibly Nicholson Poulard (19-3-0, 9), the lesser-known brother of NABA light heavyweight champion Jean Pascal.
Javier Pastore, Jeremy Menez, Guillaume Hoarau and Nene scored for PSG, with Yohann Poulard replying for the away side.
Archbishop Guire Poulard of Port-au-Prince, Bishop Pierre-Antoine Paulo of Port-de-Paix and Msgr.
Montalescot G, Philippe F, Ankri A, Vicaut E, Bearez E, Poulard JE, et al.
Partner Renaud Poulard will be taking a seat on the Scality board.
In France, at the restaurant La Mere Poulard on Mont-St-Michel, they make an extremely light omelette for which they are world famous.
Athens Olympian Lee climbs into the ring for his pro debut with Canadian Nicholson Poulard in Detroit this Friday.
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