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Noun1.poulet - the flesh of a chicken used for foodpoulet - the flesh of a chicken used for food
Gallus gallus, chicken - a domestic fowl bred for flesh or eggs; believed to have been developed from the red jungle fowl
poultry - flesh of chickens or turkeys or ducks or geese raised for food
broiler - flesh of a small young chicken not over 2 1/2 lb suitable for broiling
capon - flesh of a castrated male chicken
frier, fryer, pullet - flesh of a medium-sized young chicken suitable for frying
roaster - flesh of a large young chicken over 3 1/2 lb suitable for roasting
spatchcock - flesh of a chicken (or game bird) split down the back and grilled (usually immediately after being killed)
hen - flesh of an older chicken suitable for stewing
white meat, breast - meat carved from the breast of a fowl
chicken wing - the wing of a chicken
References in classic literature ?
Take it to the palace at Camelot and give it into the hands of Amyas le Poulet, whom I call Clarence, and he will understand.
With which the General gave his young friend a finger to shake, and a good-natured nod of his powdered and pigtailed head; and the door being closed upon Dobbin, sate down to pen a poulet (he was exceedingly vain of his French) to Mademoiselle Amenaide of His Majesty's Theatre.
Ce poulet va tomber jusqu'au fond de mes bottes," Vassenka, who had recovered his spirits, quoted the French saying as he finished his second chicken.
Quant aux plus fortes hausses, elles ont ete enregistrees pour les boissons non alcoolisees (9,26%), legumes frais (6,26%), pain et cereales (6,2%), viandes de poulet (6,1%) et le poisson frais (3,34%), detaille l'Office.
Others include poulet a la Provencale, boeuf et frites, the pan-fried camembert salad and quiche of the day.
Jailing him, Judge Rebecca Poulet QC told him: "This was a gratuitous and senseless piece of violence.
Judge Rebecca Poulet QC said: "This was a gratuitous and senseless piece of violence.
Brekke, who is also known as Kaleem, wore a dark tie and grey suit when he appeared before Judge Rebecca Poulet QC yesterday.
DEMI POULET half-roast chicken | |marinated in thyme, garlic and black pepper with wild rocket, frites
However, it all got very sinful with the mains as I chose a Croque Monsieur and a Poulet Escalope over the very 'rebellious looking' Avocat made of avocado with frisee rocket and toasted seeds.
The Croquettes de Poulet (Chicken croquette with lemon, mayonnaise, herb sauce) and Croquettes de Hamour Brandade (Fried hammour croquettes served with tartar sauce) were very palatable and filling.
La production nationale en viandes de volailles en 2014 a ete estimee a 534 mille tonnes, dont 456 mille tonnes de poulet et 78 milles tonnes de dinde, la croissance annuelle s'etant ainsi etablie a 9% et 4%, respectivement pour le poulet et la dinde.